Monday, July 25, 2011

lumberjack warrior

Post LJD 5k, you can't really tell but I was a sweaty, smelly mess.
I'll add more later but I did two races last weekend: the Lumberjack Days 5k on Saturday and the Warrior Dash on Sunday.

Saturday was hot, humid and I had strange things happening with my right leg (was going numb - kind of like it was asleep) during the race.  The ankle is still an issue so off to the sports doc I will be going.

Anywhoo..... Should have brought my camera along - Carrie Tollefson was there and I could have gotten a picture with her.  Dammit!!  I was a hot mess when it was done.

The Warrior Dash was so much fun!  I didn't dare take my good camera with me on my mud-slogged journey so I carried a waterproof disposable camera instead.  Hopefully, we got some good shots on the course.  I have to get the film developed (so old school!) so I'll do another post when I get them back.  But here are a few before & afters (taken with the digital camera) to whet your appetite:

Pre-race.  I am unable to keep my eyes open.  Again.

Here's mud in yer eye!  And up yer nose!  And in yer mouth!
And in every other orifice.

The husband's legs AFTER getting rinsed off.

Post-race.  The husband took one for the team thus allowing
 the photo gods to show me with my eyes OPEN!!

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