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Here's me running with my eyes closed.  If you read
this blog long enough, you'll see that
this is a trend.  I may be slow but I have mad skills.
Hi there!  Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit!

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I'm Nora, AKA BitterHag.

So what's my story?  I am a middle-aged, not-too-athletic woman; I started this blog while attempting my first marathon: Grandma's 2011.  It was one of the most challenging and most fun experiences of my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey from my first training run to crossing the finish line in Duluth, Minnesota.  So I'm still running.  And continuing to blog about all my running foibles.

I started running using the Couch to 5k Program in May, 2007 with the goal of completing a 5k in August 2007.  That was going to be the end of it - little did I know that one little 5k could get me hooked on running.  That one little 5k led to another, then another, and another, and then I thought, hey, why not try a 10k?  I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to run further than a 10k but after I did a couple of them I thought, hey, why not try a half marathon?  Of course, I was NEVER going to be able to run farther than a half marathon.  No way in hell.  Imagine my surprise when I actually finished an entire marathon.  In one day.  I still look at my medal in amazement.

Why the BitterHag tag?  Well, for starters, I can be kind of cranky, and sometimes a bit critical.  I'm a Virgo so it comes naturally to me. (The husband disagrees with the bitter hag moniker, bless his heart, although he agrees I can be "a tad cranky" from time to time.)  Some people are life coaches, I'd be an excellent life critic......

Anywhoo.....I'm still working on figuring out how to fit long runs into a life packed with a marriage, a challenging full-time (and then some) career, and a blended family of 5 kids, 2 cats and a dog.  And I'm continuing to learn how to alter my eating habits to better fuel the somewhat defective machine that is my body.  I've proven to be a slow learner, and limiting my consumption of expensive tequila and Oreo cookies is probably my least favorite portion of the training regimen......

So, thanks again for hanging with me for a bit.  I'm glad you're here to laugh with me and at me, and to share in my many failures and occasional successes!

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  1. Found your blog while looking at possible Grandma's marathon training plans and wondering if I can still be ready in time for this year's race. Anyhow, I'm a fellow Minnesota runner so I'm glad to have found your blog. :-) Sorry to read about the joint pain and challenges you've been having. Hope you can find some relief. Good luck with your 2013 goals!


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