Thursday, September 1, 2011

a makeshift plan

With any luck we won't be WALKING through
the finish chute of this year's Monster Dash.
I have a plan for the next 8 weeks!

The ankle is feeling better so I'm all signed up for another 10 mile race in October: Team Ortho's Monster Dash.  I'm hoping for a little redemption after last year's epic fail.

I'm also signed up for a couple of trail races: the Muscle Milk Woodsy 5 Mile (go ahead, try to NOT make a joke about that name) and the Run for the Apples 5 Mile.  If you recall, I signed up for the RFTA last year, only to screw up the dates and miss the damn thing.  Hey!  Another opportunity for redemption!  Sweet!!

I scoured the internet for training plans and found a winner.  (The internet is so amazing, you can find ANYTHING out there. Like really awesome husbands.  But I digress.) So anywhoo, the lucky trainer is...... (drumroll, please) Hal Higdon!  Ok, mostly because his plan is FREE and you know how cheap frugal I am.  But he's pretty famous, and seems to be on top of his game what with all his training plans and books and stuff, so I think his 15k plan should get me to my 10 mile race in relatively good shape.  

Feels sooooooo good to have a plan in place again!