Sunday, March 11, 2012

heading to grandma's - week 4

Ready for my recap of training for Grandma's?  Good!  Here's what week 4 looked like:

Week 4:  March 5-11
Easy Run As Follows:
Warm up walking 5-10 min at brisk pace
Easy run of 4 miles at 11:34 min
C/D w/brisk walk of 5-10 min
I was sick on Monday. Stayed home from work and slept all day long.  Monday evening Jane really needed a walk so I figured I may as well try to run.  We did 4.35 very slow miles and I felt like crap the entire time.  But I got 'er done!
Tempo Run as Follows:
Warm up with 2 miles at 11:34 min - Millie sets the pace at 11:32 
Run 3 miles at  9:45 min pace - again, Millie has control - 9:40 pace
C/D walking briskly for 10 mins
I did this one on the treadmill EARLY Wednesday morning because I just couldn't seem to find the energy Tuesday evening.  But I did walk 2.15 miles with Jane.
Wednesday - In addition to Tuesday's run I walked 2.65 miles with Jane.
5 Miles Easy Run as Follows
WU w/5-10 minutes of brisk walking
Run 5 miles at 11:34-12:34 pace
C/D with 5-10 min brisk walk.
This run SUCKED.  My shins hurt, I couldn't seem to catch my breath, I had to walk a ton. It was awful and I hated every minute of it.  I only managed 3.5 miles before I just had to stop.  Brutal.
Friday - walked 2.35 miles with Jane
Saturday - 100% Irish for a Day TC 10 Mile Race
Long Run as Follows: 
Warm up first mile at 11:30 min
Miles 2-6: 10:13 pace (GMP) – see I’m letting you have a ‘little’ speed during this race!
Miles 7-10: 11:30 min pace (If you would feel better about doing a fast finish and have your tempo miles at the end of the race, that’s ok too – BUT NO FASTER!!! Remember, you are racing next weekend!!)
I failed at listening to my coach. You can read all about this one right HERE
Happy dog at the State Park. Notice the closed eyes.
Clearly, she takes after me. And if you look closely, you
can see the shadow of the poop bag I'm holding.
I'm such a responsible dog owner.  It shows.
Sunday - 65 degrees today!! Hiked 2.42 miles with the husband and Jane at William O'Brien State Park. There was a surprising amount of ice and snow on the trails so it was a messy but very fun hike.

22.92 miles running
11.83 miles walking

Other goals:
Moving 30 minutes a day - haven't missed a day yet!
Run at least one mile per day - I gave up on this goal.  You wouldn't think running a mile a day would be difficult, but I have to dress for it (read: sports bra, shoes) and it just didn't seem to be in my best interest to run every day while training for Grandma's.  Does that make me a quitter?
Eating clean - we've been doing much better at that and have made some fantastic meals from my Carb Lover's cookbook! I keep forgetting to take pictures of the tasty meals.  I'll work on that.  

Have a great week, people!


  1. Hey--even if you're not running a mile a day, you're walking and that's great. I got out and walked a few miles yesterday (totally unprepared to run) in jeans and a t-shirt and felt better just doing that.

    Keep it up! You're doing great :)

  2. great training this week! I'm looking forward to running Gma's again this year!!

  3. Hey Vera! I'm so excited to hear you are running Grandma's again! We will have to do a meet-up for sure!!!


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