Monday, June 13, 2011

five days out

As Grandma's approaches, I'm thinking more and more about why I wanted to run a marathon.  I really have no frickin' reason why, other than I thought it would be a big challenge for me.  So why not?

I had originally signed up with a friend to run the 2010 Twin Cities Marathon and had just begun training when my world sort of exploded around me - June 13, 2010.  Exactly one year ago today.  Training had to take a back seat - hell, training didn't even fit in the vehicle at that point - as I began to deal with all that was happening.  So we had the upheaval going on, and then a couple other things happened...... I was in a three-car accident on the freeway and totaled my car in July (on the husband's birthday, no less),......on Friday August 13th our house was struck by lightning and we lost several appliances and a couple of computers..... We were lucky in both instances, no significant injury to me in the car accident, and our house didn't start on fire when it was hit, but overall, summer 2010 kind of bit the big one.

During all the chaos that was my life, running was an escape for me.  Even though I wasn't sure I actually enjoyed running, I was grateful it was there when I needed it.

Fast forward to last October, and my friend and I got together despite not running the TCM.  We decided we'd try it again and picked Grandma's as our target.

I wanted the run to mean something to someone other than just me so I decided to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Cancer is a beyoch and it has affected my family in a variety of forms so raising money for ACS seemed like a good fit.  Unfortunately for me, Grandma's is not an "official" ACS Team DetermiNation event, meaning there was no team with which I could train alongside, so I don't get that perk.  No big deal.  Um, yeah, when you're fighting cancer you don't get a lot of perks either.  I decided to continue with my plan to raise money for ACS as a solo runner.

Life is still tumultuous, but things have definitely improved.  We're pretty much back to our baseline of (more or less) controlled chaos.  What a difference a year makes!

Here's who I'll be keeping in mind during my run next Saturday......

I'll be running in honor of:
My dad - prostate and skin cancer
My brother Ben - prostate and skin cancer
My Aunt Lois - leukemia
My first mom-in-law Renee - ovarian and breast cancer
My friend Sue - breast cancer
My friend Kris's dad - lung cancer
My friend Suzy's dad
My friend Nora's cousin Katie

And I'll be running in memory of:
My Grandma Annie - pancreatic cancer
My Uncle Larry - prostate cancer
My friend Kris's mom - pancreatic cancer
My friend Suzy's friend SuperDave

If you want me to run in honor of or in memory of someone special to you, let me know.  I will add their name to my list.

Remember my disclaimer at the top of my blog?  You know, that eventually, I'd be asking for donations to ACS?  

Well, I'm asking now.

Please consider donating to ACS.

Any amount!!

It's a worthwhile way to spend a couple of bucks.  Just click here or on the button at the top righthand side of my blog.  My fundraising goal is $1000.00.  Help me surpass that goal and give cancer a swift kick in the ass!!

If you've already given a donation - THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!

One more request <Good grief, does her list of demands never stop???>:  regardless of whether you are able to make a donation, please send strong, healthy, powerful, and inspiring thoughts my way come Saturday - help me finish this marathon and do these people proud!!  I would appreciate your kind words more than you will ever know!!

Thank you!

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