Monday, June 27, 2011

I need a new goal

I could run along this beach.  That would be alright.
I think I have the post-marathon blues.

I'm trying to talk the husband into a destination marathon (Big Sur? London? Paris?) and while he's interested in the travel aspect, I think he thinks I'm a little bit crazy for wanting to throw a really long run into the middle of what could be just a nice vacation.

He has a point.  Do I really want to run 26.2 and then wander around, on foot, sight-seeing for several days??  Maybe not.

Actually, my ideal vacation is to spend a week or so being sloth-like on a beach while food and drink are brought to me at regular intervals.  I like to throw in a beachfront massage from time to time as well.  I usually manage to hit the fitness center a couple mornings or run along the beach depending on the geography.  That helps combat the vacation weight gain AND helps me feel like I'm not a complete loser for doing absolutely nothing for an entire week.

So really, all I need to do is find a race in a tropical setting.  Start the week with the marathon, and then once I complete it, vacation per usual can commence.  Maybe we'll extend the vacation to 10 days so we don't lose any precious beach time.

Ooooo, me likey.

Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I have no suggestions for you (4 kids makes looking into vacations like that cruel torture - maybe someday) but I LOVE the idea of it. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

    (and I totally felt like that after Chicago last year...)

  2. I say do a race in Big Sur or Hawaii. Then sit on your ass for a week or so, eating and drinking. Now that would be an awesome vacation!

  3. Go check out the landing page. Search for the list in Hawaii through the state dropdown choice. You can contact the staff in that area to answer questions before you make a decision! Plus, you'd have a real DetermiNation Web site if you did one listed. :)

    Kay Culver

  4. Honolulu in December!

    But, it's pretty normal to feel like this after a marathon. I wouldn't book anything yet, until you've resumed your running/workout routine normality, and if you still want to dream big and run somewhere else, then go for it!

  5. I think your plan is brilliant! That sounds ideal to me.


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