Wednesday, June 8, 2011

don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful

The camera don't lie.  

I'm here to help raise the self-esteem of others.  I've attached several photos of yours truly...... as you view each photo, you should feel your self-esteem rising - don't be surprised if you suddenly feel better-looking, faster, and more coordinated, those types of responses are perfectly normal.

It's another of my little ways of giving back.

I hope the MarathonFoto folks don't mind that I borrowed these shots.  It's pretty obvious I'm not trying to pass them off as my own photos so I hope that makes it all ok.  All other photos shown - sadly - were taken with my camera.

Enjoy!  And you're welcome.

Ever fashion conscious, here's the husband and me
waiting at the start of the Polar Dash.

Polar Dash 1/1/11.  I was trying to include the Minnesota banner in the photo but it just ended up looking like a Blair Witch Project tribute. 

Adjusting my iFitness belt after exiting the porta-potty in the Stillwater Marathon 20 miler.  I literally RAN out of the PP so as not to lose any more time (you can see I'm turning here as I screw around with my clothes.) Image my joyful surprise upon realizing all had been caught on film!! I smiled at the photographer as I passed him and said, "Oh, that one will be a keeper!" How right I was!

The marathon trainee in her natural habitat.....don't make any sudden moves or you'll spook her! Stillwater Marathon 20 miler.  See how the snug fit of the belt hikes my shorts up?  Flattering all around!

Mouth breather.  Such a  pretty girl!  This is right before the finish line of the Mpls Half Marathon.  It's funny, I don't remember feeling like shit but I certainly look like I do.
Also heading to the finish line, here's another lovely mouth-breather picture.
But doesn't my skirt look cute?

Nope, I'm not water-skiing.  I'm in the finish chute at Stillwater, waving to the husband.  I felt GREAT!  I wonder if I always run hunched over like this.
Not always - sometimes I like to skip, or use my invisible jump rope.

Climbing one of the hills at the Mpls Half Marathon.  Not sure what is up with the contortions of both face and body....maybe that's just how I propel myself up hills in such a speedy fashion.
I had to end with a decent photo, cuz deep down, I'm shallow.  
I actually like this one!


  1. The invisible jump rope! LOL That is good stuff there!

    You know, I was supposed to run that polar dash. Instead I stayed in my warm and cozy hotel bed at the Depot. I know how cold it was that day and have the greatest respect for you two actually getting out there and getting it done. (And you looked adoreable!)I totally wussed out. You guys are a hearty duo! I spent my day at the Mall of America and could barely stand the walk from the hotel to the train.

    Who travels for a race and then doesn't run it? That would be me.

  2. you are so freaking cute - I too loved the invisible jump rope, bwahahah! we are gonna get kick ass photos at Grandma's right? right? while we are kicking that race's ass!

  3. Ha! I have some gems from races I've run. I would love to contact that company and tell them to burn some of my pictures! My finish line picture from Grandma's last year has me holding my running buddies hand way up high and my eyes are closed! It looks like she's dragging me across the finish line. UGH! Oh well, I'm going to make a point of keeping my eyes wide open this time!

  4. You guys are hilarious!
    Kelly - you are not the only one who signed up for the PD and then bailed. I have a couple other friends who did the same thing. It wasn't a bad choice - it was damn cold that day!
    Bobbi - YES to kicking ass on both counts!!! Can't wait!
    Bridget - I am laughing about you looking like you're being dragged across the finish line! Doesn't it just suck that the photographic evidence doesn't support how strong you were feeling as you crossed the line?? I'll have to remember your suggestion to keep my eyes open as I cross the finish line. Hopefully, I won't end up looking bug-eyed crazy.

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