Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tapering made her insane

I think I'm going insane.  Again.

I'm dreaming about races where I'm not ready to run that far, I brought the wrong clothes, I forgot to eat before the race, I get lost....... not a successful race dream in the bunch. And some of the dreams have been just plain batshit crazy.

Last night's dream was the weirdest by far.

The husband and I went on a hot air balloon ride.  We were picked up in our entryway (yes, the balloon was in our house).  Sherman went with us.  Our balloon captain was a very short brunette woman who never said a word. I never saw her face either.

Actual unretouched photo of me
circa 1987.  Don't make me go
back there.  PLEASE.
The balloon went up and down in sweeping, swooping moves as we cruised over the lake behind our house.  The lake had transformed from a rather shallow, small, lily pad-choked lake to one with a dramatic coastline very similar to Lake Superior (FINALLY - a miniscule connection to the marathon that will be run along the big lake they call Gitchigumi) with huge limestone rocks.  We'd swoop low enough for the basket to drag in the water and we could see fish, etc. It was gorgeous!  Anywhoo, at one point when we were high up in the air, the basket fell out from underneath us and I was the only one holding on to it.  The husband and the silent faceless woman didn't say a thing as I guided the basket back under our feet.  Hell, they didn't even seem to notice anything was amiss.  (My palms are sweating just thinking about that.  Scary!)

All of a sudden we were landing back in (uh huh, IN) our house, the husband and cat disappeared and these three other women showed up for some kind of makeup party.  They were all dressed in brightly-colored, hugely shoulder-padded 80's clothes with big hair and we did scary 80's makeup on each other.

Let's say it all together: W.T.F.?????

Those of you who lived through that era know that seeing those clothes, and that horrific hair and makeup was WAAAYYY worse than the balloon basket falling out from under us.  Seriously.

Oh, and have I ever actually been in a hot air balloon in my real, awake life? Nope.

So, what's my point??  I honestly have no idea.

But I could care less about the analysis of that crazy-ass dream.

I just need to get this marathon thing going!!

How are the rest of you surviving taper?  Got any good stories to share?  Tell me I'm not alone!!


  1. I'm going insane as well. I have weird dreams, not as weird as yours however, but my mind is racing at night! I'm keeping busy with my 3 kids at home since school's out. We're so excited for the weekend and the weather forecast looks perfect for 26.2 mile run! Best of luck to you!

  2. thanks Bridget! I was in a panic earlier this week but am definitely leaning more towards excited now. The weather does look fantastic! Good luck to you, too! Any chance you can join the meet-up at Dubh Linn pub Saturday night? It would be fun to meet!

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  4. Oops. My kid was still logged in. Okay, here's what I wrote:

    Heck yeah. Tapering is a bitch. But it all works out, I promise. Just channel all that insanity into the marathon. I'm rooting for you!

  5. Hey,I recognize that 80's face! You're going to be fantastic at the marathon this weekend! You've worked so hard and now it's time to go have some fun! I'll be thinking about you! :)

  6. Thanks guys! Although I sound like I'm heading off the deep end, I'm good. And pretty excited about Grandma's. Honest!!
    The husband and I have been laughing about my whacked out dreams. I'm going with "it's a sign of my latent creativity."
    Michelle!!! Hey girl!! It's so nice to hear from you!

  7. I would love to meet up at the Dubh Linn on Sat night! What time? I might be asleep early that night. ;) I'll make a point to do it because it's so fun to meet fellow runners!

  8. Hi! I just saw your post on DM. Good luck with your first marathon. I think you guys are going to have great weather for the race. It has been a cool spring, but as far as racing long distances is concerned - cooler is better. Good luck and have fun! :)

  9. Bridget - we are meeting at 8:00. That will give me time to nap before! :)
    Shannon - thanks for stopping by and for the good luck wishes!!

  10. Great! I'll try my best to get up there at 8pm. I'll look for the tall pretty lady! ;)

  11. Bridget - Awesome!! Look for the tall, haggard looking chick. But I'll be smiling!!

    There may be some type of "Dailymile.com" sign or something too - a few DM folks will be there.


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