Friday, June 3, 2011

this 'n that

Grandma's is 15 days away.

Holy crap.  

For the most part, I feel good.  I'm fairly convinced now that my body can carry me for 26.2 miles.  It may carry me slowly, but I think it's got the cardiovascular cojones. (Yes, there is such a thing. I'm sure of it.)  My only real concern is the nagging pain in my right ankle.  I'm hoping tapering will help with that - fewer miles and a bit more rest.

Things that occupy valuable brain space (this is where the "this 'n that" comes in):

My iFitness belt.  Not my bod.
1. I really like my iFitness belt from the comfort and no-bounce perspective.  The only complaint I have is that I look like an absolute TOOL with it on.  I don't have the slim, hot bod like the chick in the photo so it makes me look even more grandma-like by hiking up my shorts and further exposing my cellulite-covered thighs to harsh sunlight.  Not attractive.

(Ummmm, 1a, I guess.) What is the deal with cellulite anyway?  I'm not overweight.  True, I did gain 60 pounds with each pregnancy (I denied myself NOTHING food-wise while I carried members of America's Future) and I did cry on the scale when it said 197.  But eventually that weight came off.  And that was about a million years ago anyway.  I'm 5'11" and weigh about 145.  That sounds like a reasonable height/weight ratio, right?  I workout. I TRY to eat well.  And I've had two months now where I've run farther than 100 miles.  But my legs look like I've got skin a couple sizes too big.  WTF??  I'm trying to be all zen about it and embrace the legs that just carried me successfully on a 20 mile run but........ damn, they ugly.  Wish there was some way to put my legs in the dryer on high and see if the skin shrinks.  <Sigh>  Oh well.  I ain't 19 no more.  Back to zen.....

I have found socks to love that love me back.
Post 20 miler photo. These socks are the shit!

2. Check out my awesome socks!  Injinji toe socks.  LOVE them.  I wore them during my 30k and my 20 miler and they are the most comfortable socks ever.  Yay for happy toes!!

Gettin' lucky after a 4 miler.  I have no idea why I'm able to find
these things so easily.  Found three more of 'em the day
before, too.  If only I could pick winning lottery numbers as easily.

3. I've been finding 4 leaf clovers again.  A harbinger of good things for Grandma's, yes?

4. My final long run will be Sunday when I run the Minneapolis Half Marathon - ONLY 13.1 miles.  Which is still a damn long way to run.  After that, the tapering starts in earnest.

I hope I don't go insane.

Fifteen days.





  1. You'll do so well since you are so prepared! My running buddy just emailed me to remind me of the looming date. I'm excited to run but hated the taper last year. I got annoyed and frustrated with such a small amount of miles. However, I felt fresh and ready on race day. I guess there is a method to the madness!

    I have those same socks and love them! They're truly the best and zero blisters.

    Cellulite--yep, it's a girl thing. I hate it so I wear NIKE 7 inch compressions shorts under my shorts or skirts in an attempt to shield the people behind me from being grossed out. Zen is right!

    That's a good sign that you find so many 4 leaf clovers.

    Best of luck at the half marathon!

    I'd love to be able to meet and get a picture together at Grandma's. I'm with a group of 8 and since there are thousands of people it might be impossible but it would be so cool!

  2. Thanks Bridget! I'm hoping I don't succumb to taper madness....

    There is a meet-up at the Dubh Linn pub in Duluth on Saturday night. Maybe your running group could head over there and we can meet and have a photo-op! I'd love that!

  3. Nora! Tapering will be just the thing to help your ankle get ship shape.

    I need to try those socks. Like, now.

    I highly doubt your legs are as fugly as you say they are. I've seen those stems in race photos and they go for miles (vertically, AND running miles!). Leggy heaven. And my experience is, if you give your legs some love (even when you don't always mean it) then they start to transform into beauty.

    Doesn't that belt cause chaffing?

    I'm so excited for you for Grandma's. SO excited.

  4. You will rock your marathon! Rest, relax, and enjoy the experience!

  5. I have a spiebelt, so I can't comment on the ifitness one. But I'm pretty certain that you don't look as much like a tool as you think you do. I say wear it if its comfortable for you.

    The only reason I don't have to deal with cellulite is because the skin on my legs is packed full of fat - kinda like a sausage casing. So, I suppose I could embrace my fat, smooth legs...but I'd kinda prefer your thin, rockin' ones!

    I'm sure all the logistics will work out. When it comes down to it, you are well-trained and are on your way to reaching a truly amazing goal! I'm so excited/proud/inspired. You go girl!

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