cast of characters

Ever wonder who I'm blathering about?  Here are a few of my favorite folks (and animals)....

The Husband - my fantastic, wonderful, amazing partner, in both running and life.

The Grunions:
DD = darling daughter - my 25 year old daughter
DSD = darling step-daughter - the husband's 18 year old daughter
SS = sweet son - my 23 year old son
SSS1 = sweet step-son #1 - the husband's 24 year old son
SSS2 = sweet step-son #2 - the husband's 21 year old son
Maybe someday I'll update this photo.

Jane - my canine running companion

Jane came to us from a rescue organization in July 2010. The plan was, we would be her short-term foster family until some other family adopted her. Uh huh.  Less than 24 hours after she came to the house, she had a new name and was considered a member of the family.

Pet fostering = fail

Sherman - our overweight, not-too-intelligent cat 

We ended up with Sherman in November 2005 after going to the Humane Society for a live trap. (There was a cute kitty hanging around our house; we had been feeding it and were getting worried about winter coming.)  Turns out the Humane Society doesn't stock live traps, but they stock plenty of cats. We took one home with us. And the strange thing about the wild kitty - we never saw it again. I like to think it's job was to help us find Sherman, and that it then found a happy home of it's own.

Lacey - our aging black cat, who was prophetically named before we knew 
about her love of destroying shoe laces.

Lacey has been with us since 2002. She's also from the Humane Society and we later found out she was just days away from being euthanized.  If a cat can have a sense of humor, she definitely does. She's also a Virgo and a feline version of a Bitter Hag so we get along very well. 

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