Saturday, January 22, 2011

bulgarian butt...... and another donation!

Gotta love my core class - and last night's class was a typical killer.  We did something called Bulgarian squats where you have one knee bent behind you with your foot up on a box that's about knee high.  Other foot on floor is out quite a ways directly in front of box.  Grubby hands hold a kettlebell snug to the chest.  Bend knee of foot on floor and get your butt down to knee height then back up. Do reps until the buzzer goes off (30 seconds?  30 minutes? sometimes it's tough to tell) then switch to other foot on floor.  My ass is killing me today.  So I think I was doing it right.

I think there is something amiss with my treadmill.  I've been ramping up the speed a little bit and the treadmill doesn't seem to like it.  It's getting pretty wobbly and my water is splashing all over the place.  Just got the damn thing paid off and it's acting up.  Figures.  And it's sooooo cold out right now!  I've gotten much better about running outdoors in the winter but -20 below zero is pushing it for me. Plus, with the new snow and the ice everywhere, I'm kind of afraid to run outside.  My knee is doing pretty well and I'd like to keep it that way.

On a happy note - I received another donation for ACS - Thanks Sarah B.!!!!


  1. What a fabulous blog! I am THRILLED that we are meeting your needs at Tenacity! (We're actually on the hunt for another recycled tractor tire to use and abuse!!) And, yes, the Bulgarians are definitely creative in their ways to abuse out butts! I did 3 sets today -- having to talk myself into each set .. come on glutes -- you can do it!! And, maybe there will be a chocolate reward for you!! (There was -- a small one, but reward nevertheless! YOU are an amazing woman -- who has set amazing goals! Keep it up!!

  2. My first comment - Thanks Chris! :)

    And thanks for the kind words - and they're coming right back atcha!!!

  3. Thanks Nora -- Having a BIG SLEDGEHAMMER day myself today ... there may be nothing left of my tire, but I'll get a great ab workout. I'm so happy I'm getting to know you ... you're great!


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