Saturday, January 1, 2011

last race of 2010

Holy crap that's a lot of people
I like running - yes; blogging??  Maybe not my strong suit.  Oh well, on we go. Things are going to get much more interesting and bitchaboutable once I really start training for Grandma's.

Finally found out what's wrong with my knee.  Baker's cyst.  I'm told physical therapy should make things all better.  Hope so!  I'll look kind of funny if I have to make some type of contraption to pull my leg along with me. Kind of like those poor dogs who have their back legs on a little wagon thingy.

Ran the last race of the year on Saturday, December 4th.  It was a great race to close out the year.  We had a fresh coating of about 7-8" of snow which made traction difficult - not to mention driving to the race and parking on unplowed Minneapolis streets - occasional high "Yikes!" factor.  But the crowd was lots of fun and I got to high-five Rudolph (he of the red nose) when I crossed the finish line. You can't beat that!

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