Wednesday, January 5, 2011

kettlebells and pain

I cannot believe how sore I was after that kettlebell/TRX class.  I had no idea I am so very very out of shape! My entire body ached and my abs..... Oh.My.Gosh. were they sore.  Having said that, I'm hooked on that workout!  Obviously works the entire body and makes it pay for high consumption of Oreos and Don Julio anjeo.

I have been cleared to run every other day.  Unfortunately, I had a total wipeout while walking the dog two days ago.  It was cartoon-worthy: ice hidden under freshly-fallen feet flew out from under me and I was parallel to the ground before slamming down on my left shoulder and knee.  That would be the bad knee.  Should have worn the damn yaktrax.

I'm doing better today but not still sure if I want to risk running outside -  aside from the ice-induced dangers it's really cold! Plus there won't be any cheering spectators, hot chocolate or a voucher for a free beer for finishing my run like I had in the Polar Dash.  Guess I'll have to look inward for my motivation.  Dang.

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