Saturday, January 1, 2011

and the first race of 2011!

Ready to rock 'n' roll and hopefully avoid the slip 'n' slide.
Polar Dash 5K.
Pretty cold and windy morning (7 degrees, -10 windchill) but this run is tons of fun!  I promised my PT I would run even slower than usual and walk if needed to baby my knee.  Finished with 11:03 pace.  Not horrible and the knee feels fine.  Whew!

OMG, I did my first ever Russian Kettle Bell/TRX circuit class yesterday and it kicked my ass.  I'm pretty sore today but I have to say, I loved that class!  I'm told I need to strengthen my core so I'm less likely to hurt myself when running, so why not try to get some killer abs while I'm at it? The dream (of killer abs, that is) is still alive!

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