Friday, January 7, 2011

is it possible to pull a muscle in your abdomen??

If it is, I've done it.  As you (my millions of readers) know, my abs were a tad sore after getting my ass kicked in that kettlebell class.  I thought I was pretty well recovered with just a hint of pain in the left lower abdomen.  So I was at PT this morning and went to get in plank position when something "popped" in said left lower abdomen.  It hurt like hell and made even attempting a plank impossible.  If I turn or stretch wrong I get a super sharp pain.  I was planning to go to kettlebell/TRX class for more torture tonight but decided I better not risk further injury.  I am sick and tired of all these lame injuries!!!  I mean, if I'm going to be sidelined, can't it have been caused by something sexier than falling while walking the dog or straining a muscle in an exercise class?  I think I'm going to tell people my injuries are from bungie jumping in Katmandu.  (I actually do know someone that went bungie jumping in Katmandu - although miraculously, despite what appeared to be a very rickety platform and some questionable harness connections, no injuries were incurred - and I always thought that was the coolest cocktail party conversation starter EVER.)  I think both of my injuries (knee and abdomen) could have been caused by bungie jumping.  No one needs to know that the details don't quite line up.

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