Sunday, May 1, 2011

gonna have to get in gear, for real

Last weeks mileage goal: 34 miles
Actual mileage: 27 miles

So, I fell a few miles short of the goal.  That's ok, I was on the mend!  Plus, work was absolutely insane last week with some super long hours.  This week will be a crazy busy one too, but hopefully work will settle down again after that.

Husband's photo #1 - Action shot!  That's me in the green.
I ran the Get in Gear Half Marathon yesterday and other than it being a dreary, rainy, blustery day, it went pretty well.  I PR'd by 7:19!  Race time was 2:23:26.  So, I'm happy about that.  Highlight of the race was when the husband showed up unexpectedly (he had to take DSD to lacrosse practice so I didn't expect to see him at all.)  What a treat to hear someone yell my name just after mile one and look over to see him standing on the sidelines under a big old umbrella!  Getting there meant he had to drop DSD off at practice, high-tail it over to the race site, find a place to park (no easy feat) and then hope to see me among the 6000+ runners.) Seeing him got me a little teary-eyed.... he's the best!  He even tried to take a couple of pictures with his phone.  Side note: This was the day of bad photos. Not a decent one in the bunch! But I won't let a little thing like quality keep me from using them in my blog. 

Husband photo #2 - What's with the puppy-dog paws????
For the first several miles I had to keep telling myself to slow down since I had to do another 4 miles when I was done with my 13.1.  I'd be going along feeling good then glance at Garmin Electra and realize I was running 9 minute miles. I think I played it a little too safe and could have been faster.  Maybe.

Another highlight was when a friend from work ran up along side me at about mile 4.5.  She's training for Grandma's half (this was her first half) and we chatted and ran the entire way.  I forgot how nice it is to run with someone!  She made the day much more pleasant.  My left hip was really sore at the end and I had to push to finish strong.  So I pushed!

The first attempt post-race.  Kind of blurry so I figured I'd
give it one more try. (See how water-soaked my jacket is?
Definitely NOT water-repellent.  Oooooo, looks like
gear whore needs a new jacket!!)
I truly planned to do my remaining 4 miles right away after finishing the race and getting a snack, but by the time I got something to eat and got back to my car, grabbed the camera to snap some pictures (gotta have documentation for the blog!) drop my bib and medal off (love the bling!!) I was soooooo cold and my clothes were completely soaked through..... I decided to head home, get into some dry clothes and hit the treadmill for my final four.  Which I did!  Even though I SO didn't want to.  It was like death by treadmill.  Absolutely awful.  I was tired and crabby as hell and my hip hurt.

But I did it.  I am a bad-ass honey badger.

So while I don't think the two together qualify as a 17 mile run, they sure as hell qualify as 17 miles.  And that's something.

2nd attempt.  Must have hit zoom at some point....
I completely lost interest in capturing the event after this one.
I wore my compression socks for both runs and had no calf pain.  And the chest wall muscle tear was a complete non-issue!!  No pain there, either.  Yay!!

Race day notes: Oatmeal for breakfast.  Cliff shot bloks and GU chomps for sustenance during the race.  No GI issues!  Wore the old blue Sauconys; the pink ones need a little more break-in time. 

I ended the day going out for a fabulous dinner with my folks and brother & sister-in-law to celebrate my parents 53rd wedding anniversary.  I replenished every calorie I burned and then some.  It was a delicious meal! Got home and was in bed with lights out by 9:30.

It was a good day.

Here's TenacityChris's training plan for me this week:
5/1 Sunday
Off Day
5/2 Monday
5 miles EASY running (11:00 pace or greater)
5/3 Tuesday
7 miles running as follows (intervals)
Miles 1-2:  11:00 pace
Miles 3-7: 4 x  ½ mile repeats at 9:45 pace, ¼ mile recoveries at 11:00
5/3 Wednesday
Rest Day
5/5 Thursday
5 miles easy running (11:00 pace)
5/6 Friday
5/7 Saturday Down and Dirty 8k race … If you are doing the race at anything faster than slow training run, make Thursday’s run only 2 miles.
5/8 Sunday: 18 Miles Long Run
Miles 1-5:  11:30 pace
Mile 6:  10:45 pace
Miles 7-12: 11:30 pace
Mile 13:  10:30 pace
Miles 14-17: 11:30 pace
Mile 18:  10:30 pace  Finish strong - you CAN do this!  Ice Bath!!!

Looks like it really is time to get my ass in gear.  Grandma's is only 48 days away!  I can do this, right?  I'll be able to finish 26.2 miles.  I will.  Right??


  1. you totally can! you did great, and you'll DO great!

  2. I really wish I could articulate just how impressed I am with you. I find it so incredibly inspiring to "watch" new runners achieve goals and push themselves farther than they ever thought possible. SO MANY people say "yes, write me up a plan, I want to run such and such" but so very few people actually do it. And you? You DO it. It would have been frigging deadly to get back on the treadmill after running 13 miles in the rain. I know it cuz I've done it and it ain't pretty! That stuff builds honey badgers.

    Whew. You're going to kill this marathon, and I can't wait to witness it.

  3. Thanks you guys!
    I'm starting to get a little nervous about being able to actually finish 26.2 miles. I just want my stupid body to cooperate and I want to have fun on this journey.

    Thanks again! You have no idea how much I appreciate your words of support!!

  4. proud of you honey badger!!

  5. You rock. You are TOTALLY going to do this! Don Julio 1942 will be waiting at the 26.2 mark.

  6. urtisYour training is farther along than I am - I have messed up my long runs by doing several shorter local runs - and trying to do make-up miles. Just doesn't work. I'm running 14 this weekend and hoping to get at least 1 20 miler in before I start tapering. I am still interested in a meet-up and at least starting together. This is going to be a goal of finishing for me.


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