Saturday, April 16, 2011

honey badger

I'm trying to be a tougher runner.  I want to be more like the honey badger - completely badass!  (plus, I just love this video.  I laugh every time!)

It's been tough to get tougher because I'm dealing with some injuries. Again.

This time I somehow torqued my chest wall by trying to fold up the back seat of the car while sitting in the driver's seat.  The pain is located right under my right armpit and radiates in a half circle from front to back ending at my shoulder blade.  Then I made it worse when walking overly exuberant Jane - she was Super!Excited!ToBeGoingForA WALK!!! - and pulled really hard on the leash several times. Which I was holding in my right hand.  Jane is strong!

Anywhoo, it's a strange injury because I can do planks but can't do crunches.  I can't lay (lie?) on either side in bed, I have to lie (lay?) on my back. It hurts to brush my teeth.  Not the brushing part, the curving the arm part to reach the teeth.... Hurts to cough.  Hurts to sneeze.  Hurts to take a deep breath.  So I haven't been able to go to kettlebell class.  And I LOVE kettlebell class!!  It doesn't hurt when I'm running, but it aches afterwards.... Strange.  With my history of osteopenia (a precursor to osteoporosis) I was a little afraid of having a cracked rib.  It's pretty unlikely but still.... So, feeling a bit like a hysteroid, I went to the doctor after several days of the pain not getting better.  She offered to do an x-ray but pretty much said I didn't need one.... so I didn't get one.  I think it's getting better.

Then there's my right calf.  It's been getting super tight and while not exactly painful, I was worried it might turn into something nasty.  I've been stretching and icing and using the foam roller on it but it still tightens up.  Then I made the mistake of doing an internet search for "calf pain" and seeing all kinds of horrible possibilities and the recommendation that I MUST take 7-10 days MINIMUM off from running.  So I called my PT Katie to talk me down for advice.  Katie thinks I'll be fine.  I need to just keep doing what I'm doing and listen to my body, and maybe try some compression socks.

purchase of this magnet was inspired by the honey badger
I'm getting SO AFRAID I'm going to do something to hurt myself and make it impossible for me to do my marathon.  Argh!!

I think it's just that achieving the goal of running a marathon is so important to me.  I was disappointed last fall when I couldn't run the TC Marathon but this is somehow different.... life is still complicated but running has really been a release for me.  Last fall running was a chore, a "have to."  It has now become a blessing, a "get to."

Tomorrow I get to run 15 miles!  I have never run that far so I'm looking forward to seeing how the body holds up.

It's time to relax and enjoy the journey.

And it's time to find and embrace my inner honey badger.  I know it's in there somewhere!


  1. Sometimes your body just has a fit and does all sorts of weird stuff to freak you out before a race. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to take care of the problems.

    I manage to pull muscles turning over in bed--ah, the live of a woman in her 40's!

  2. No kidding about rolling over and pulling a muscle. What's up with that?!?! Soooo unfair. Our bodies should reward us for trying to do these healthy activities!

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  4. Oops. I commented but I was signed in with my son's gmail account. Here's what I wrote:

    People lie in beds and chickens lay eggs. That's what my gramma-queen sister tells me, anyway. She might be lying. Or laying.

  5. Hahaha Suzy! I thought I had a new follower!! Jake is pretty darn cute!

  6. Yup, he's a cutie. And that picture is from 2.5 years ago! He's still cute, but just a little more "cool".


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