Sunday, April 24, 2011

the week ahead

So here's what my trainer, TenacityChris has in store for me this week.

Keep in mind, I'm supposed to baby my muscle tear and cut back on miles and/or not go too fast on my runs if that seems to be irritating it.  Injury recap: What seems to be happening is that I'm so worried about the chest wall hurting that I contort my body in unusual ways (more so than usual in order to protect the chest wall tear) and that's what is causing me to have all these new and interesting pains.

Liz, my postural restoration PT, wants me to take it easy, too, and really listen to my body and limit mileage as needed.  So I may or may not get that many miles in and it's highly unlikely that I'll do any kettlebell this week.

Anywhoo - here's what's on tap:

4/24 Sunday:
Off – Happy Easter!
4/25 Monday
5 miles easy running (11:00 pace or greater)
4/26 Tuesday
7 miles running as follows (tempo)
Miles 1-2:  11:00 pace
Miles 3-5:  10:15 pace
Mile 6-7:  11:00 pace
4/27 Wednesday
Off day
4/28 Thursday
5 miles easy running (11:00 pace)
4/29 Friday
4/30 Saturday:  Get in Gear Half Marathon
17 Miles Long Run
Miles 1-5:  11:30 pace
Mile 6:  10:45 pace
Miles 7-12:  11:30 pace
Mile 13:  10:30 pace (take time to have a drink, grab a banana, then finish the rest of your run…don’t let your body cool down)
Miles 14-16:  11:30 pace
Mile 17:  10:30 pace  Finish strong - you CAN do this!  Ice Bath!!!

Can I just say that TenacityChris CLEARLY has a mean streak? <even though she doesn't have a mean bone in her body>

Look at Saturday's run - I'm running a half marathon.  But 13.1 miles isn't enough mileage, so after I dazzle all the folks at the Get in Gear Half Marathon with 
This will be me at the
GIG half mary




I get to grab a snack and then run another 4 miles.  That's gonna suck!  But at least I get to grab a snack.  So she's not completely heartless!

Yeah, I know.  I know. I KNOW that TenacityChris is doing her damnedest to turn me into a Honey Badger marathoner despite my lack of running talent.  And, oh how I LOVE her for that!  So, <crap> assuming all goes well and the body is behaving, I guess that means I have to hold up my end of the bargain and just suck it up and do it.

But I might I'll probably whine a little. 


  1. Wow. Please take care of yourself! I think you will have balls of steel running another 4 miles after your half marathon on Saturday. Can't wait to see your results!

  2. My hubby gets chest wall pain, ouch!!

    I now follow you from SheBlogs.

  3. @Ms. Caboo - things are slowly but surely feeling better. Thanks! I think you're right - I WILL have balls o steel after my Saturday runs. Especially since I heard there is a 70% chance of rain.
    @Callista - welcome and thanks for following!


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