Wednesday, April 6, 2011

big girl feet

Good news!  The shin pain must have been an anomaly, or maybe the ice and foam rolling any rate, it's much better.  I did 3 miles on the elliptical last night and when that seemed ok, I jumped over to the treadmill and did another 2.5 miles.  Seemingly, all is well. <knock on wood> Whew!!

The cat lost that lovin' feelin' for the
Saucony's too, or at least she did for the laces.
After looking at the mileage on my Saucony ProGrid Guide 4 running shoes, I decided it was time for some new kicks.  Plus, I'm just not that  into them anymore.  If you recall from my quest for the perfect lady lump holder, (credit Liz for that nugget!) I want to LOVE my clothes and be loved right back!  And I was definitely not feeling the love from the ol' Saucony's anymore.  Oh sure they were great early in the relationship, cuddly, supportive, cared about their appearance, fun to be around....but I think they've become complacent and no longer give a rip about my comfort or my needs.  So I'm looking for a new love.

Off I went to Run N Fun in St. Paul in search of my new BFF shoes.  Although I'm certain the shoe salespeople have seen all nature of hideous running feet, I sometimes feel that I get a Chief Brody-type reaction when I unfurl my dainty size 11s - complete with hammer toe and black toenails - for their fitting pleasure.

And of course, shoe manufacturers don't always carry shoes in my size (again, 11 or rather, 11.5 for running shoes) so options are somewhat limited which sucks.  As in bras, I want color!  I want to be able to put the FUN in Function!! Why do clothing manufacturers believe that just because you're above average in height or length (um, talking about arms, legs and feet here) that you have no desire for colors other than fleshtones, white or black, or that you are uninterested in things that are just plain cute???   I had the same problem a bazillion years ago back when I was pregnant.  Apparently, tall women don't get pregnant, or if they do, they certainly don't buy maternity clothes.  BECAUSE NOTHING FITS THE TALL PREGNANT CHICK.  Yikes!  "Someone" is still harboring some resentment! Let it go, Nora.  Let it go!

Annndddd we're kind of getting off topic here, so let's get the train back on track......

Could this be love?  Time will tell!
Anywhoo, so I found a new pair that I liked enough to take home and try.  Asics Gel Kanayo 16s.  (16 is the version people, not the size.)  I wore them last night - they were quite comfy and seemed to really care about what I needed.  I'll spend a little time with them, get to know what makes them tick, give them a chance to continue to meet my needs and go from there.

5 miles later today so I'll be taking the new squeeze(s) out for a spin. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.  I know you'll be dying to hear every detail no matter how insignificant!

How about you?  Any clothing-related love/hate/other relationships you care to share?

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