Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday synopsis

Freaking windy windy windy run!  Gorgeous sunny day though.

Today's 15 miler fell a tad short....

Pre-run.  The husband had to take a
picture of me in all my runner geek glory.  He
 also tracked me down on my run to give me
water and got ice for my ice bath.
Thanks love!!
I stopped at my brother & sister-in-law's (hey B & B!!) house to use their bathroom (this was at the start of mile 8), oohed and ahhed over their awesome new fridge and gawked at the ginormous dog (pony?) who was a puppy just yesterday....

Anywhoo, I paused my Garmin while I was there but because I took so damn long to get it going again, it shut itself off.  Then I overestimated how far I had gone and thus underestimated how far I had to go.... so the upshot of it is, I ran 14.5 miles, not 15.  Frankly, I don't think I could have gone another half mile.  After about mile 11, my left hip and my right calf were killing me.... Surprisingly enough, I wasn't physically tired - I was just too sore to move very quickly.  But the chest wall issue is so much better!  It was pretty painful at the beginning and hurt to take deep breaths but seemed to improve as the run unfolded.  I just hope my little legs can get stronger.  It sucks to limit the run because of pain.

Distance: 14.5 miles
Overall Pace: 11:19 minutes/mile
Tunes - The iPod was a savior today.
Fuel belt - I wanted to rip off my water belt and throw it far, far away for the first half of the run.  Damn thing kept bouncing up, shifting around.... it was SO annoying!!!  I found myself saying things to it like, "I hate you and your ass face!" <Ooo, name that movie!!> and "You, f-ing SUCK!!" quite a bit while I was pulling it down and adjusting it over and over and over.  After the sweat started seeping through my clothes the belt stayed put and did the job it's supposed to do which is to carry fluids without being a complete pain in the ass.
Shoes - I forgot to mention that I returned the Asics.  They just weren't doing it for me.  So I'm back in the old Sauconys and have ordered another pair, but this time in PINK!!  Can't wait for the new shoes to arrive.  I figure, better the devil you know....
Sustenance - Pre-run.  Oatmeal with banana and blueberries.  NO eggs!!  During run: GU chomps.  I felt like they gave me some good energy boosts and there were no GI issues at all.  Whoo hoo!!
Clothes - Moving comfort bra.  Success!  My ONE pair of long (almost long enough) pants - I wanted to keep my cranky calf warm.

Overall, I guess I'm satisfied with the run - my longest distance to date!!  I just need to figure out the whole pain issue.  The ice bath afterwards was wonderful!  (I still can't believe I love them as much as I do!)

And OMG was I wishing for the snot rocket skills today.  My nose ran like a fire hose.  My gloves are gonna need a good washing!


  1. I'm not sure what kind of fuelbelt you wear, but I've been wearing the ifitness hydration belt and it doesn't bounce at all :)

  2. I'll have to check that one out. Mine is too much of a distraction!

  3. Oooohh, you have a nice fridge too! Oh, and I really hope your injuries go AWAY!!!


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