Saturday, October 9, 2010

make it so, number one

I have this blue running jacket that I really like.  It was a Christmas gift from the husband.  This jacket FITS.  It's soft, its comfortable, it's fitted and has good lines, it's long enough that my stomach isn't exposed and has those thumb thingies that I like so much.  You know, the little holes that you can put your thumbs through so the sleeves are pulled way down on over your wrists?  This jacket has really long sleeves! I'm 5'11" and have orangutan arms so most running jackets/long sleeve shirts NEVER seem to have enough real estate to cover my entire arm.  Running pants are the same.  All my running pants are capris whether they were designed that way or not.  Plus, I have to admit, I'm cheap.  Or frugal.  Or whatever you want to call it.  I hate to pay full price for stuff.  And I really hate shopping for clothes (see orangutan arms, above) because it's frequently such a disappointment.  I may have to expand my horizons beyond the sale rack to find gear that fits.  The weather is getting cooler so I guess it's time to act.

Proof of one-time winter running.
Beloved blue Jacket worn
underneath the green one.
Historically, I haven't done a lot of outdoor winter running.  Actually, I've pretty much taken the winters off from running.  I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to cold weather.  Anything below 20 degrees is a bit much for me to take; throw in some wind and I'm outta there.  Couple that with the possibility of having inches of tender skin exposed and I'm not usually willing to brave the bitter elements that Minnesota winters can toss out.  <One exception: this past New Year's Day, the husband and I ran in the Team Ortho Polar Dash.  It was a beautiful day, about 3 degrees, (yes, THREE degrees, but NO wind!).  One of the coolest (no pun intended) things about the entire event was as we were waiting for the starting gun with the few thousand other racers, seeing the steam rising above everyone in the morning light.  Another very cool (really, no pun intended) thing was the spectators who were out to cheer us on.  Minnesotans are a crazy bunch!>  Anyhoo, my dislike of running in the cold is going to have to become a "like." (Cheering spectators would help.  I always seem to need more cowbell.)  I'll need to train outside this winter - the treadmill is just not going to cut it.  I can only manage about 4 miles before I am bored out. of. my. mind.  Too much time on the treadmill makes me crabby.  Kind of kills the endorphin boost I hope to get from running.

So, back to the blue jacket that I like so much...... I  was wearing it last spring on an especially chilly day and was feeling all stylish and runner-like (having actually just completed a run even!) when I saw my brother.  I had paired the jacket with my ONE pair of black running pants that are almost long enough to reach my ankles, had the jacket zipped all the way up, and my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.  My brother looked at me and said, "Make it so, Number One." Ok, maybe I DO look a bit like a graduate of Star Fleet Academy.  All that's missing is the beam me up pin.  So I guess it's time to do something about the wardrobe. And embrace my inner Trekkie.

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