Monday, October 11, 2010

do these socks make me look like a poser?

I confess I've been wearing socks that imply I have run the TC Marathon.  Even though I decided I couldn't run the marathon, I went to the expo and got my goodie bag.  In the bag was a pair of socks that say "26.2" and "Twin Cities Marathon." I've worn them on a couple of runs now. I love those socks! Super comfy!!! I was a little worried that I was kind of a liar for wearing them but then I thought, "Hey, I've worn sweatshirts from schools I didn't go to and shirts from places I haven't been, so what's the big deal?"  Somehow the socks seem more important. Maybe because I really want to be one of those people who ran the marathon.

I need to fit a 6 mile run into my day tomorrow; some days it's really tough to squeeze in a run and tomorrow looks like it will be one of them. Maybe the socks will provide that little extra bit of inspiration to make it happen.

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