Friday, October 29, 2010

t minus 10 hours 30 minutes til the Monster Dash 10 mile!

The husband and I haven't had much luck keeping running a priority item on the schedule.  We've decided that tomorrow we'll run 10 minutes/walk one minute for the race.  And when we run, we'll run in s-u-p-e-r slow motion.  That way we can save ourselves from injury and make all the other runners look really fast.  It's our little way of giving back.

I didn't let a little thing like having no intention to actually RUN the entire 10 miles get in the way of my carb loading tonight.  I am a carbohydrate whore.  Had me a BIG heaping helping of pasta followed up by a thick slice of banana bread.  Ah, so very yummy! And I feel no guilt whatsoever.  That's what's great about running!  Even when I don't deserve it, and really probably shouldn't indulge, the specter of a moderately long distance run in my not so distant future lets me think I've somehow earned it.  Ahhhhh, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen lovely 1:2:1 ratio!  How I love thee polyhydroxy aldehydes and ketones!!  But let's be honest: at this point, the carb loading just translates to increased fat stores for winter.  But dammit, I've earned those fat stores, right?  So bring on the cold weather baby, I'm going to be SOOOOOOO prepared.

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