Sunday, October 31, 2010

a day at the races

Well, the Monster Dash didn't go too well.  I've been having some very minor knee issues off and on and this ended up being a really off day for my knee.  It didn't seem to enjoy the run very much at all; actually, it seemed rather pissed off at being asked to perform and not at all interested in cooperating.  The husband and I had planned to walk/run the race and ended up walking almost the entire second half.  I have to say it SUCKED to not finish running strong.  I'm not fast by any means - most races I run about 10:30 minute miles give or take - but walking through the finish chute really bit.  Makes me much more motivated to get a plan together to keep my body healthy as I enter into serious training for Grandma's.  I do NOT want to finish that one walking.

On the up side, it was an absolutely glorious day, the course was beautiful and the volunteers and spectators were SO supportive and encouraging to this walker!  It really could have sucked a lot more than it did.  And 10 miles partly walked is still 10 miles.

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