Monday, November 15, 2010

I guess I DO like running!

Well, I've rested the knee about as much as I can without going totally crazy.  I've been walking Jane a lot (along with some intermittent jogging) and am itching to do some real running!  Who knew I'd miss it as much as I do??  I was in Indianapolis last weekend and there was a marathon (the Monumental Marathon) taking place while I was there.  I actually thought, "Hey, I could totally do the half-marathon!" before coming to my senses and realizing I wasn't close to being ready to run 13.1 miles...... plus, I didn't bring any running gear with me.  (See "resting the knee" comment above).

Unfortunately, my appetite doesn't know or care that I'm not running as much as I used to.  I'm still eating like I'm running multiple miles per week and it's starting to show.  Literally.  I'm SUCH a carb hound.  And Oreos......oh, how I do love my Oreos! It's amazing how quickly the body slides down the slippery slope to out-of-shape hell and any advances made in fitness/firmness are suddenly lost.  So not fair. In my opinion, as we age, just thinking about engaging in activities like running should be enough to get results; ACTUALLY engaging in said activities should make me look like I did when I was 19.

I signed up for another 5k in December.  Dogs are welcome so I might just bring Jane (not sure if I'm truly ready to do THAT yet since we're still working on socialization, but hey, she DID receive 4th place in her obedience class competition!) and I want (NEED) to keep in relatively decent shape so I can jump into serious training come February 2011.

it's kind of fun learning that I really do like to run.  And the happy and firming side-effects of running are just icing on the cake.  And I do love cake!

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