Tuesday, April 5, 2011

uh oh, Houston, I hope we don't have a problem

So here's the plan from TenacityChris for this week:

Monday 4/4
Kettlebell (done!)
4 miles easy running (NOT done - only 1.5 miles in, and today is Tuesday, right?)
Tuesday 4/5
5 miles Hills as follows:
Mile 1:  11:00
4 x 2:30 min @ 10:45 at 3% on TM with recoveries of 2:00 min @ 11:00 at 1%
Cool down to 5 miles total at 11:00
Wednesday 4/6
Off day
Thursday 4/7
5 miles easy running
Friday 4/8
Saturday 4/9
13 miles Long Run
Miles 1-3:  11:00
Miles 4-6:  10:30
Miles 7-12:  11:00
Mile 13:  10:30 (Really try to push yourself to make this pace at the end of the run – you need to practice pushing yourself when fatigued so you know you can do it during the real deal at Grandma’s)  Ice Bath post run please!
Sunday 4/10
Recovery walk

Ok, so I started my run yesterday and everything just felt OFF - stride was funky, legs felt weird, I just felt out of whack physically.  Not too long into it, my left shin developed some severe pain.... I kept going for a little while to see if it would sort itself out but it wasn't happening so I stopped after 1.5 miles.

My shin was tender to the touch and I was PISSED.  Grandma's is only 75 days away!! I still have to build up mileage!  Arrrrgghhhh!!

Iced it for a bit (which seemed to help) and went to kettlebell class.  Consulted with TenacityChris and she thinks (and I agree, not that I know anything about anything) that the hills of Saturday's long run have made my calves get tight, which is leading to shin pain.  I need to nip this in the bud so I don't develop shin splints, or worse, lead to a stress fracture.  More ice, quality time with my foam roller, and we'll see how it goes.

Patience, Nora, patience!!  Anyone have ideas for other things I should try?  Compression socks, maybe??

I'll try to run later today.... and try to keep in perspective that I'm training to run a marathon, not racing to save a life, so let's not sweat the small stuff.

But I can still bitch about it, right?


  1. How many miles on your shoes? I hope this is something easy to figure out :(

  2. thanks Bobbi. The shoes have probably about 300 miles on them so I think I'm going to look into getting a new pair.


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