Saturday, April 23, 2011

shut up and run

You know what a sucker I am for free stuff and this was one giveaway I just couldn't resist!!  Beth at Shut Up and Run is giving away a su-WEET piece of Sporty Girl Jewelry jewelry and I WANT IT!!!  My choice, should I be lucky enough to win, is the Joan of Arc quote necklace.

Here's the link to the SUAR post if you want to compete against me:

If you chose to compete against me and win, then I want you to give me proper credit.  And maybe whatever jewelry you choose.  That seems fair.


  1. I found you through a comment you made on SUAR's blog. I am running Grandma's also. My training schedule is a bit crazy now. Follow me as I start my blog - I am going to try to do Grandma's under 5 hours - if this is about your pace - perhaps we can run together if you are interested.

  2. Hey Fran,
    Thanks for writing! I have no particular pace in mind for Grandma's, my goal is to finish the thing. It would be fun to have a meet-up there!
    I'll follow your blog too!


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