Sunday, January 15, 2012

the universe works in mysterious ways

 I sort of got the rug pulled out from under me last Friday.

I found out my job (along with those of my boss and two co-workers, and 9 other folks with similar jobs) is being eliminated, and that we would all have to apply for newly created jobs if we waned to remain employed.  And there was no guarantee that we would be hired into the new positions.  I understand now why it's happening, but that didn't lessen the surprise or the sting.

But let me back up a little bit......  About a month ago, two different people sent me e-mails about a couple of (also) newly created jobs with another organization.  Both jobs would be doing things I've got great experience in, but with a bit of a twist which would make it more interesting.  Even though I was happy where I was at, I figured I'd interview for them and see what they were all about.

Turns out it was a good call.  Three hours after learning about the demise of my job, I got a job offer from the other organization.

I feel so fortunate!!

Because my (potential) new boss would need to check references and negotiate my salary request, I had some time to think over the choices in front of me.  And I was grateful that I had choices!  After lots of contemplation I finally decided to take the new opportunity.

More change coming my way! I'll be traveling throughout the state about 50% of the time, and won't have the flexibility of working from home as much as I've been able to in my current job. So yeah, it's a huge change, but what does it have to do with running?

Well......... nothing.

And everything.

My new schedule will change how I'm able to train for Grandma's.

The way I see it, it's sort of like dealing with an injury. It changes your approach so you have to figure out what you need to do to continue working towards your goal. But you can't let it wreck your outlook on life or derail your plans. And it provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself as you rise to meet this latest challenge.

I'm excited about my new job!


  1. That is so exciting! Isn't it wonderful how the universe operates?

  2. Thanks, Sue! I definitely ran the gamut of emotions that day, but it all ended well and I'm so grateful about that!


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