Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ice nuggets

It's a little icy in my neck of the woods.
Remember when I mentioned the rain, snow and ice after our New Year's Eve storm?  The sidewalks have been pretty treacherous since the storm, and even the streets in our neighborhood haven't been completely cleared. The footing has been rather, um, unpredictable since NYE.

So anywhoo, I went for run a with Jane tonight.  Outdoors.  Time has been tight today and I knew I couldn't do a treadmill run AND take Jane on her daily much needed walk, so I decided to test my balancing skills and see if I could stay upright on a run.

It went pretty well for the most part but I have to say, every muscle in my body was on red alert trying to maintain my vertical position.  To paraphrase Tina Fey, I had to manually unclench my butt cheeks when I was done, the muscles were so tightly contracted.  So I might be a little sore tomorrow.  But this should be great for my core, right?  On another note, I have to say the trail shoes are a wonder.  I don't think I'll ever go back to the running shoes/Yak Trax combo for winter running.

So Jane got her outdoor time, and I got my run in so it was a win for both of us!  But damn, it was slow going.  Check out my splits: pretty slow, but we got 'er done!

Avg Pace

Let's see how I'm doing on my goals on day 4:
Move for 30 minutes each day - yep!
Run at least one mile per day - yep yep!
Eating clean?  Well, it's been hit and miss.  Do I have to own that I had McDonald's chicken nuggets for dinner tonight?  And fries? Yeah, I suppose I do.  Such a guilty pleasure.  I shouldn't love them.  But I do.

I did eat clean for lunch and breakfast, though. Really!  Honest!!  I knew when I set that goal for myself it was going to be tough, but holy crap,  I totally underestimated how much I love to eat junk.  That goal is going to be SO hard for me...... Wish me luck, folks!

Ever bite off more than you can  chew, literally or figuratively? 

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