Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the more things change....

Here I was thinking I've made all these great strides with my running (no pun intended) in the last year, but I really haven't changed much at all.  I'm still as much of a dipshit as ever.

Every day brings the same challenge - making sure Jane gets out for a few miles, either walking or running..... and today was a running day for me, so all day I'm thinking I'll go for a run with Jane as soon as I get home from work.  Kill two birds and all that.... I knew it was getting colder and the wind was really picking up so I didn't want to be out after dark - I wanted as much sunlight as possible!  I sort of figured out what I was going to wear so I wouldn't waste time standing in the closet looking at my running clothes saying, "duhhhhh..."
I'm quite sure this is EXACTLY
what I look like in my Body By
Victoria bra. Who says marketing
doesn't work?
My plan was unfolding like clockwork, I got home, got changed, and Jane and I headed out the door.  A five minute warm-up walk and we're off and running! the first step something felt wrong.  By five steps, I figured out, I forgot to change my bra!  Although I'm a fan of my Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria bra, a running bra it is not.

Shhhhiiiiiitttt.  Now what?  Do I go home and change?  Ummm, no.  I'm out here. I'll just deal with it.  So I'm running and NOTHING is feeling right.  My stride is funky, my shins hurt, (Why are my shins hurting?? That's new. Dammit!), and now my ankles are hurting... but it's a different pain, more at the crease between the ankle and top of foot.... wait... how tight are my shoe laces??  Turns out, I tightened the snot out of my trail shoe laces and I'm pretty sure I was cutting off all circulation to my feet...... So I loosened the laces and kept on running.  The pain eventually went away.

The run was only a little over three miles but dang, it sucked pretty much the whole time.  The last mile was all run into a 15-20 mph headwind, and to make things even better, the sky decided to throw some rain mixed with snow into the fun.  At that point, I was laughing at all the things that were going wrong with this run.

But I got it done!  The "run at least one mile per day" is going strong on day 18, and I got my 30 minutes of purposeful movement in.... and I rewarded myself with a lavender scented bubble bath tonight.  Lovely!

The whole "clean eating" goal, however....... I might need a coach/trainer for that one....

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  1. HAHAHA! Love!

    (and I hear you on the clean eating - I totally suck at that part...)


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