Friday, January 6, 2012

seek and ye shall find

I'm fascinated by how people stumble upon my blog.  Google analytics is great for this because it will show all the keywords that people used that led them to this veritable cornucopia of running knowledge.
What leads folks here?  Well, it's great to see that people actually LOOK for my blog by name: bitter hag blog; nora bitter hag; aging runner nora; nora does grandmas, etc...... makes me feel loved!  But holy crap, it's hilarious what people search for on the internet, and even more hilarious that those bizarre searches lead them here.  Some made me laugh out loud, some made me scratch my head and say, "whaaaaa????" And I gotta add, there are some seriously sick puppies out there.

So here is an incomplete list of keywords, in no particular order. 

grilled tuna steak
redhead trash bag
salamander running
blinged out ortho foot shoe
dirty pits
honeybadger (of course!)
freak out (for some reason, a lot of people search for variations of "freak out."  Strange.)
alabaster skin tan
is 2:30 a bad half marathon time? (the answer: NO!!)
napkin collection
calf pain holder
stop bugging me, liar 
awkward zone (sadly, so fitting for this blog)
take an easy easy now what she go (huh???)
bulgarian ass
retro grandmama pain
captain kirk vs. lizard
shut up baby I know it quote
a bitter thanksgiving
smelly socks
Oreo Cookie (oh, how I miss them!)
polar dash potty
tall wrestling girl
slow marathon blogs
www I am hairy blog
dominant overuse of one side of the body
Don Julio 1942
Jack Links Bigfoot
dirty white bra
chakra adjustment + bull durham (I love this one! So strangely specific.)
big girl feet
саламандра (which I googled and found out is Russian for salamander)
how do you get along with a 45 year old hag (I wonder if the husband is responsible for this one...)

So, while the blog is SUPPOSED to be primarily about running, obviously there's a little something for everyone.  

Anyone else ever look at the keywords that led folks to your blog?  What were the weirdest/creepiest ones on your list? Were the weirdest/creepiest also your favorites?  

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