Tuesday, January 18, 2011

stress relief

Life has been a bit too interesting for my taste lately.  Too many irons in the fire, too many issues to sort out...... I am so grateful that I'm able to run and SOOOO happy that I found my new workout home.  I went to circuit class yesterday and one of the stations was hitting a huge tractor tire with a sledgehammer.  I LOVED IT!!!! Add in the kick-boxing station where I got to kick a giant bag and then all the other kettlebell/TRX stations and for 45 fabulous minutes I was able to forget all the crap that I'm dealing with on a daily basis. Just what I needed.

The toenail I'm always losing.
On another note, looks like  my toe issue is once again rearing its ugly head.....I can tell I'm going to lose that nail again.  Damn.  I just got a pedi too.  Lost that toenail THREE  times last year.  I really thought I'd be able to hang onto it until I was doing some serious mileage but after 3 measly miles??? I mean, c'mon!!!

Oh yeah, and I caved.  Those free Oreos are in the pantry right now. I'm thinking of them as a reward system for miles run and tires sledgehammered.  And hoping that the kids get to them first.

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