Sunday, March 18, 2012

heading to grandma's, week 5

I can't believe I'm done with week 5 already.  Grandma's will be here before I know it!  Here's the recap for you.

Week 5:  March 12-18
Easy Run As Follows:
Warm up walking 5-10 min at brisk pace
Easy run of 3 miles at 11:34 min
Cool down with brisk walk of 5-10 min
Workout note: 3.1 miles, 11:11 pace.  Easy peasy. (Clearly that's my new favorite saying. Time to find another one.)  I also walked 2.42 miles.
Interval Run as Follows:
Warm up with 1 mile at 11:34 min 11:32 pace
Run 4 x 400 m (1/4 mile) at 8:40 min pace, recover ¼ mile at 11:00 8:42 with 11:06 recovery
Cool down with an 11:30 min mile
Workout note: Millie has rules about pacing and won't stray from what she chooses. This run was surprisingly easy for me!  Much more so than the hill interval run in week 3 that kicked my ass. Yay for that!
Wednesday - Workout note: walked 2.8 miles with Jane.
3 Miles Easy Run as Follows
WU w/5-10 mins of brisk walking
Run 3 miles at 11:34-12:34 pace
Cool down with 5-10 min brisk walk.
Workout note: I ran 3.2 miles with the running club (the one that I ran with last fall) in Minneapolis. This time I made sure to introduce myself - funny how if you reach out, folks are pretty likely to be friendly and welcoming in return. I got to meet some nice people and had a good run. I'll definitely run with them again. Oh, and I picked up the sweet jacket that I won! I'll have to tell you about that later.
Friday - Workout note: walked 1.58 miles.  And carb-loaded for the race.  You know how much I hate having to do that. 
Get Lucky Half Marathon!!!!
Goal:  2:10:00!!!!!  Let’s aim for this and see what happens.  I think you have it in you and it will certainly give us a feel for how realistic our Grandma’s Goals are for you!!! Pace: 9:56.  Print a paceband at – under calculators section.  EVEN SPLITS!!!
Workout note: Yeah, this one was a complete fail, although I did still get a PR. Read about it HERE.

Some learnings:
1. Wear a hat when it's warm.
2. Look at the number of water stops in the race, and if it doesn't look like enough, carry your own damn water!
3. Maybe, just maybe, when your coach tells you to stick with a SLOW pace on your long run the week before your race, you should do it. Even if you're feeling fine and like you're not pushing at all. Because maybe (again, just maybe) she knows what the hell she's talking about and you should frickin' listen. Did last week's pace wreck this week's race? I don't know, but next time I'll listen to my coach just in case. Oooo, a little rhyme for you! Bonus!

Sunday - Workout note: walked 2.64 miles at William O'Brien State Park with Jane and the husband. It's so beautiful today! There is still a lot of ice on the lake at the State Park and it's very close to the shore. Jane went swimming and then walked on the ice. She was a happy dog.
Jane walking on water.  She's amazing.
23.49 miles running.
9.44 miles walking.
Another week in the bank!  


  1. ok, the windings freaked me out a little, but I translated it :)

    You had a good week! You should not not not count your half as a fail - we ARE NOT used to hot yet, and this weather is NOT normal.

    You are awesome!

  2. Ahhh, thanks, Bobbi! You're awesome.

    But I have wingdings? Where??? They're not showing up on my Mac, I'll have to look at my blog on a PC.


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