Sunday, March 4, 2012

"anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung" Voltaire (1694-1778)

Life continues to be going at breakneck speed and my online fun time (blogging, Facebooking, Dailymiling) has taken quite a hit. I had a little alone time last week so I thought I'd do some catching up.  I poured a little glass of Don Julio Anejo (NOT 1942, unfortunately) and fired up the ol' Mac.  I logged my workout on, wrote a bunch of comments on other DMer's workouts, checked out Facebook, made some pithy comments on friends' posts there and then thought, "Hey, I should add some new running tunes to my iPhone!"

Long story, so I'll try to be brief...... Our house was struck by lightning a year and a half ago.  Along with several other appliances, my PC laptop was plugged in and it got fried. My iPod was set up to work with that laptop.  I have since switched to a Mac and am told that the music can't be transferred to the Mac from the PC. Whether or not that is actually true, I don't know, I haven't pursued it very much. (I'm lazy like that.) So now I'm adding music to my iPhone since I always run with my phone anyway. 

Don Julio's favorite songs
Still with me?  Cool!

Ok, so I must have had a little buzz going when I was perusing the plethora of iTunes tuneage because my final selections are all over the place.  Not sure what my newest collection says about me....... (The Hustle?  Really??  Takes me right back to 6th grade and learning the dance moves in gym class.) 

What can I say?  We all have pockets of bad taste.  I guess the most obvious thing my choices say about me is that I like some really dumb songs!

So. Marathon training - here's the week in review:
Week 3:  February 27-March 4
Easy Run As Follows:
Warm up walking 5-10 min at brisk pace
Easy run 3 miles@11:34 min pace
Cool down brisk walk of 5-10 min
workout note: Ran with Jane around the 'hood.
Hill Run As Follows:
Warm up walking 5-10 min at brisk pace
Run ½ mile Hill Repeats (find a nice long ½ mile hill that is pretty steep or 4.0% incline on TM).  4 x ½ mile hill repeat at 11:34 min pace.  Recover  with ½ mile at 11:34 pace and 1% incline (or jogging slowly down hill outside).
Cool down with finishing run to total of 4 miles at 11:34 pace.
workout note: Wow-this run kicked my ass.  It was waaaayyyy harder than it should have been.  But I got 'er done!
My fun Chicago run!
Wednesday Walked Jane 2.74 miles before heading to Chicago for a conference for work.
5 Miles Easy Run as Follows
WU w/ 5-10 minutes of brisk walking
Run 5 miles at 11:34-12:34 pace.
Cool down 5-10 min brisk walk.
workout note: I did this one in Chicago!  Ran along the lake with my new boss. We were having such a great run that we ended up going 6.69 miles at 10:25 pace.  Easy peasy!!!

Friday walked in Chicago and all over O'Hare.  I really have no idea how far I went but I do know that I got my 30 minutes in!
Long Run as Follows:
WU for 1 mile at 11:34-12:34 pace
Run 10 miles@11:34-12:34 min pace
Cool down with brisk walk for 5-10 minutes
workout note: Ran the first 3 miles with the husband and then did the rest on my own.  Overall pace 11:04. Felt pretty good the whole time! I walked Jane another 3.31 miles AFTER I took an ice bath.
Sunday Rest day so I'll just be walking Jane today.

Have a great week, y'all!  


  1. This reminds me that I need to be doing more hill repeats (or any at all would help). My upcoming race is hilly!

    Could you just put your songs from your PC on a thumb drive and then move them to your Mac? Might not all fit in one go, but it could be worth a shot.

  2. I've got an external drive you could use to do the transfer if you'd like. Just did the same thing with the oldest daughter's music. Let me know

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! The laptop is dead but I was able to get all the files transferred to my external hard drive. It's actually the iPod that says it won't share. I'll probably have to take it to the apple store and see if they can work some magic. Stupid limiting technology....


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