Tuesday, February 7, 2012

are you there carbs? it's me, nora

Hopefully, there is hope for my kind....
They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step.

I have a problem with carbohydrates.

I love carbohydrates. LOVE them.  Left to my own devices, I don't know that I could be trusted to include other forms of  organic compounds in my diet. And yes, I know that there are different kinds of carbs.  Unfortunately, when it comes to craving carbs, I lean towards the white trash persuasion. When I was a kid, I would make a mush of saltine crackers and water.  Loved it!  I also was a huge fan of bread balls. What are bread balls you ask? Well, that's when you take a slice (or 10) of a soft white bread (Wonder Bread was the best) and you peel the crusts off, then wad the bread up until it becomes a grey ball of yuck and pop it in your mouth. Sometimes I would sprinkle the bread with garlic powder before smushing it up. So yummy! My mom was soooo disgusted by my bread ball habit, especially when I would feast on the garlic version right before a junior high band concert.  I played the clarinet.  You know, a wind instrument.  The kind you have to blow into with your nasty garlic/bread ball breath. She encouraged me to think about my fellow bandmates.  But I digress...

What was my point?  Oh yeah, carbs and my unhealthy love of them.

Ok, so I figured it's time to really start understanding my carboholic nature and try to find ways to satisfy those cravings in a healthier fashion.  So I bought a few books to jumpstart the process.  As a wanna-be long distance runner, I'm not interested a low-carb diet, rather, I want a GOOD carb diet. Also, if you recall, I'm trying to do a better job of "eating clean." My definition of eating clean is: trying to eat more whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. It also means making an effort to greatly reduce the crap that I so love to eat: things like chips..... french fries (especially McDonald's)........ I want to do a better job of avoiding preservatives...... if it's full of fat and simple carbs, I'm probably gonna love it....  Did I mention that I love sugar, too?  Ahhhh, Oreos!  My goal here is not to become a crazy-ass food nazi, I just want to do a better job of fueling the machine.  Remember, I have two marathons coming up, folks!

I have to say, the recipes in the CarbLovers cookbook look fantastic! Chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Michael Chiarello have contributed recipes.  Even Guy Fieri (I'm not sure he qualifies as a chef) is in there.  I'm excited to try some new things!

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes.


  1. I am also in love with chips and fries. This works well because my husband isn't crazy about them, so I can eat whole bags. True love=hoping that your favorite treats aren't the same. Just found your blog today and loving it!

  2. Yo Momma - you are a girl after my own heart! Love your concept of true love! And loving your blog too!

  3. Must be a family thing: (in my best Frankenstein's monster voice) "Carbs Gooood!"

    I do remember the bread balls...still nasty after all these years...and the bowl FULL of smashed crackers with Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

  4. Keslaa - don't judge the bread balls. And I forgot about the Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup/Saltines concoction. That was muy delicioso as well!


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