Thursday, April 19, 2012

heading to grandma's - week 9

Oops, I'm a little behind on this blogging business.....but I'm still running!  Week 9 was kind of a tough one for me, but I'm still going....

Week 9:  April 9-15
Easy Run As Follows:
Warm up brisk walking 5-10 min
Easy run of 4 miles at 11:15 min
Cool down with brisk walk of 5-10 min
workout note: 4 miles on the treadmill, 10:54 pace.  Pretty easy!

Tempo Run As Follows:
Warm up with 1 mile at 11:34 pace
Run 4 miles at  9:40 min pace
Cool down with brisk walk 5-10 min
workout note: 5.02 miles 10:10 pace
Oh my word, this one was not easy. I had zero desire to do my run tonight and because it's a tempo run, figured it would be easier to do it on the treadmill. Uh, no. I lasted two miles and just couldn't do it any more so I changed into some warm clothes, grabbed Jane and headed out to do the last three. At one point, I was thinking "Damn, this is so hard!" and then remembered that duh, it's a tempo run, it's supposed to be a bit of a challenge. That mental shift helped a lot. Kind of chilly, kind of windy but still a good run.
1 (warm-up) 11:32 
2 - 9:40 
3 - 9:35 
4 -10:19 (Jane's bio-break slowed things down) 
5 - 9:45 dang, so close to goal pace!! 

workout note: 1.59 miles walked SS I took Jane for a little walk by the house I grew up in and all over the downtown of our hometown. The boy was completely uninterested in going but admitted when we were done that "It didn't totally suck."
But then about a minute later he said, "I really needed that. I had a not so great day..... there was a lot that didn't go right. I feel better now. The walk helped." <Smile!>
I don't need no stinkin' flashlight!

3 Miles Easy Run as Follows

WU w/ 5-10 minutes of brisk walking
Run 3 miles at 11:15 pace.
Cool down with 5-10 min brisk walk.
workout note: 3.33 miles 11:14 pace
Beautiful nighttime run with the husband. I wore my super bright Nike LunarGlides to combat the darkness and they made me feel safe as a kitten. 

workout note??  Ummm, I didn't do a damn thing.  Got home from work and went to bed early.  Tired!

Long Run
WU for 1 mile at 12:34 pace
Run 15 miles at 11:30-12:00 min pace
Cool down with brisk walk for 5-10 minutes
workout note: 14.42 miles 12:37 pace
Sucky run. You can read all about it HERE
Mediterranean potato salad.  So very tasty.

workout note: no run today.  I walked Jane but have no idea of the miles.  
Instead of working out, the husband and I made a spectacular meal of herb crusted beef tenderloin with creamy tarragon & white wine sauce, mediterranean potato salad with fresh mint, chickpeas and greenbeans, and redleaf salad with shaved parmesan and homemade garlic croutons.  (Ok, my mom made the redleaf salad.)  Oh my heavens, that meal was good!
I need to pay more attention to "plating".  It may not look
like it but this meal was Ahhhhh-mazing!!
Miles planned: 27
Miles run: 26.77
Miles walked: 1.59+

Have a great rest of the week, gang!


  1. Go Nora! Sometimes we get tired and I think it's always best to listen to your body and rest. That food looks amazing!

  2. WIll you come here and cook for me? Please? No? Darn...



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