Monday, December 3, 2012

dodging duties

The weather is so strange today!  56 degrees in Minnesota.  On December 3rd.  It's misty and foggy out.  Looks like how I imagine springtime in Transylvania would look.  I'm getting ready to take Jane out for some quality time.  In the dark.  In the fog.

A propos of nothing, here are a bunch of videos for your viewing pleasure.  Some are fitness related and some are clearly not.  (Yeah, I'm practicing dog-walking avoidance techniques. And I may or may not have adult ADD.)

Think of it as a fun little diversion on a foggy Monday night.

And don't judge me for wasting time while my poor dog whines to go for a walk.


1. For starters, the husband and I have been working hard on perfecting our yoga routine. I think it's looking pretty good.  Don't hate us* because we're beautiful.

(*not really "us" but it totally could be.)
2. And don't hate us because sometimes we're THOSE pet people.... you know who I mean.  This is Jane in warmer days.  Yeah, we're easily amused.

3.  Must give equal time to cats.  This video had my kids and me laughing so hard the first bazillion times we watched it!  It's pure stupid.  Right up our alley.

4.  This one is included for no other reason than because I dedicated pretty much an entire post to my thriller of a jacket.

5. Ok, this video is just plain amazing and inspiring. It's been everywhere already but is worth sharing again and again.  I heart Arthur!! Makes me want to cry and give him a hug every time I see it because I feel so damn proud of him.


Oh alright., I've avoided the walk long enough..... Out into the scary, foggy night..... good thing Jane is so tough.

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  1. Oh my gosh, number one is awesome. You guys are so talented.:)

    And I just watched #5 several days ago on facebook. Amazing!


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