Sunday, June 2, 2013

graduations and moving and skin cancer, oh my!

Yep, life has been kind of busy lately.  Here's a brief synopsis:

DD with her diploma.  Yep, she has a shaved
head. Why?  Because she can. Gotta love her!
The husband and I (along with my wonderful mama) traveled to Arizona to see Darling Daughter (the oldest of our five kids) graduate from college. Exciting for her, but dang, that makes me feel old. Two weeks after graduation she moved to Washington State. She's still sorting out what she wants to do with her life. She's a smart kid and she'll do just fine. And her being in Washington State gives me a great excuse to visit the Pacific Northwest!

We have one (Sweet Step-Son #2) graduating from high school this year as well. That leaves us with one bird left in the nest - Darling Step-Daughter will be the focus of allllllllll our love and attention until she graduates from high school three years from now. Lucky girl!

Which leads us to topic #2: Moving
I'm excited to move but am really going to miss my porch!
Since we are down to one kid, we are downsizing and moving to be closer to DSD. We put our house on the market and after three weeks of house showing hell, we sold it. House buying angst: We found a house that we liked very early on in the process (a week or so before putting our house on the market), and made an offer (contingent on our house selling). Of course, it was a multiple offer situation so our contingent offer, while not being completely rejected, was not accepted either. DSD loved the house so much that she wrote a very sweet letter to the owners, describing how it was the first house we'd looked at that we could actually see ourselves living in, and that she was so excited to have her dad back in the city, and asking them to please accept our offer..... One of the sweetest letters ever!

Wonder of wonders, the day we found out we had an offer on our house, we also found out the deal on the house had fallen through and the sellers accepted our original offer without a counter! Talk about a crazy, fast-moving day! So now we are packing, getting rid of items (interested in a free piano, anyone??) and arranging for the big move on July 1st.

No tidy lead-in to topic #3.
Remember that I am a pasty-skinned, fair-haired Irish lass?  And remember my melanoma scare from two years ago?  Well, I went to my dermatologist for my annual head-to-toe skin check and had noted a couple of sketchy-looking spots on my skin.  Long story short, in April I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. (NOT melanoma, thank God.) Two spots: one on my back (which was cut out) and one on my finger (which was frozen off - the spot, not the finger.)  Last week I had my follow up appointment with my dermatologist, and it seems that the spot on my back (which was "narrowly excised," meaning, cut really close to the edges of the tumor) doesn't want to go down without a fight.  So now I'm doing 6 weeks of a chemo cream to fry it off of my skin. On the upside, if you have to get skin cancer, this is definitely the one to get. It's more of a pain in the ass than anything else. I was already kind of a nut job about sunscreen so now I'll be even worse....

So yeah, this is supposed to be a RUNNING blog, right? And how much running have I done in the last couple of months? Not a lot. (If you recall, I was also recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and have been dealing with some serious joint pain.) I skipped the Green Bay Marathon in May, and just yesterday transferred my bib for today's Minneapolis Half Marathon to another runner. That sucks.

But....... I have been following a gluten free diet for a couple of months now, and I'm happy to report that it does seem to be helping my joints! I've also continued with walking 2-3 miles most days, started a weekly yoga class at work (Vinyasa flow which kicks my ass every time), and have been doing a plank a day and a progressive crunch challenge. (as of May 31st  - 152 planks and 2320 crunches since January 1st!)  So today I downloaded a training plan from for the half marathon I have coming up in August.  It's a beginner plan and seems like it might just be doable....... baby steps to get me back in the saddle, right?? Yee Haw!!


  1. So MUCH stuff Nora! I hope the move goes smoothly and your joints get with the program and you can ease back into running again. And the cancer exits for good.

    Btw...your dd ROCKS a shaved head. Gorgeous :)

  2. Oh my God Nora! I would like to live on your porch. That is just beautiful. I hope your new home is just as lovely. And yes, you have been busy. I hope you take care of your skin--it's frightening how easily that skin cancer can pop up.

    Good luck with the running. I, too am starting all over. It is so tough!


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