Sunday, August 12, 2012

havin' some ketchup

So yeah, my 2012 trend of poor blogging habits continues....

It's been tough to find time for blogging, Life, ya know?? And did I mention the weather?  It's been impossibly hot and humid for the majority of Summer.  Crazy weather!  Not that the weather interferes with my blogging but.....

Anywhoo, I've run a few races since Grandma's, for fun and for training.  Thank goodness for the races because my training for Chicago has been less than stellar. I sure hope something magic happens and transforms me into a race-ready marathoning machine come October.  I like to keep my dreams realistic. 

Perfect heart-shaped mud smear post-Warrior Dash.
Let's see - What was first?  Oh yeah, Warrior Dash. June 30th. The husband and I did this one again. Sad to say, it was lots more fun last year.  Maybe because we were in the 2:30 wave this year and the temps were in the high 90's with tropical humidity levels had something to do with the "less fun" perception.  Plus, we did the first obstacle (a leap over walls/crawl under barbed wire mix) and I felt something *pop* in my left quad. Not too painful at the time but then I was all, "What the hell am I doing this for when I'm training for a marathon???" So I decided I was going to make it a 3 mile walk with obstacles thrown in.  Luckily, the husband wasn't too jazzed about running up hills either (did I mention the race was held at a ski resort? Frickin' HUGE hills) so he was totally cool with that. He rocks.

Here are some photos of the day:

The backside of the first climber.  This was scary!  The steps were spaced about 2.5 feet apart - you could easily stip through and fall to the ground. There was a girl laying across the top trying to swing her leg over to climb down. she looked at me with a terrified look in her eyes and said, "This is f*cking intimidating!"  It was!
That's me on the left heading to the most refreshing "obstacle"of the day.  It felt so good I went through it twice.

The husband making his way down a cargo net.
The next race was supposed to be the Stillwater Log Run 10 mile race.  July 21st. 

Race morning I woke up to a thunderstorm.  I took my time getting ready, hoping the storm would quit.  It didn't. 

I drove to the bus area (runners were bussed the 10 miles to the start) and waited in the car hoping the storm would quit.  it didn't.  

So I got out and asked a race official if the race was still on. Yep.  He told me to hurry and get on the last bus heading out. So I ran through the rain to the bus and climbed aboard.  AND I WAS THE ONLY PERSON ON THE BUS.  I knew it was going to be a small race, but come ON. 

Off we went to the start. The bus driver: "I had no idea the weather was going to be so gnarly out today!" Gnarly??? I liked him already!  He was super nice and we chatted the whole way to the start. I mentioned I wasn't sure running today was such a great idea, and he said, "Well, I have to come back to town anyway so you could always stay on the bus.  I'll bring you back to the parking lot." 

Long story short, there were about 125 runners waiting in a parking lot at a Lake outside of town, watching the fabulous lightning display. No shelter. After about 15-20 minutes they called the race due to lightning. Works for me!  I have no problem running in the rain, but running out in the country in a thunderstorm?  No thank you. So I headed home, changed my clothes and hopped on the treadmill.  I was feeling so good I threw in a few more miles for fun and ended up doing 13.6 miles on the treadmill. I think that's a TM distance PR for me.

Read it and weep.  13.6 miles with Millie!
On to race #3.  The Boler Dash 5k. July 28th.  According to GarminElectra, I finished in 30:46.

TenacityChris organized this race to benefit one of the trainers at her studio whose house burned down in June. The family lost everything in that fire. TenacityChris did a fantastic job and had a great turnout considering it was pulled together in a month!  In addition to the race, there was a brunch and silent auction, along with drawings for prizes.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the brunch but I heard it was lots of fun. 

TenacityChris snapped a photo of me heading for the finish!  Don't you just love my awesome blue shoes?
Catch-up post #4  Minnesota Half Marathon 8/4/12 - 2:25:27
I think my center of gravity it too high to
rollerblade. Plus, I'm super clumsy so I don't
think I'll be doing this any time soon.

I decided the morning of the race that I'd run it. Had I registered for it yet? Nope. But I made sure they had race day registration before I drove the 20 miles to the start. I'm all about the planning, people.
My goal was to use this as a training run. I knew the course was a little bit hilly and that's cool, I like hills. I had a 14 mile run on the ol' training plan and I just wanted to be able to run and not carry my own water or have to plan a route. So I guess it's fair to say I ran the race out of sheer laziness.

Overall, other than a nasty pain in my side, it was a good run. The pain continues to be an issue a week later so I guess I'll have to get that checked out. 

One of the fun things about the race was that it could be done as a duathlon (running and inline skating). I've never seen an inline skating race before so that was really cool. There appears to be strategy and skill involved in that type of racing, however, so I should probably stick to foot races. The weather was FINALLY cool (although humid) so it was still a sweatfest, but a very tolerable sweatfest. The sky was overcast and it started to rain lightly during the last 2 miles. I enjoyed myself!

Cheesy post-race pose.
Last, but certainly not least, the Gopher to Badger Half Marathon 8/11/12 - 2:21:35 (Garmin) PLUS 3 mile warm-up.

Yet another race-as-training run on my journey to the Chicago Marathon. 
The course is awesome, it starts in Minnesota and finishes in Hudson, Wisconsin (hence the name). Because the start is only a few miles from my house, I decided to run there so that I could get all my training miles in for the day. I was feeling kind of crappy before heading out to the start of the race, but I figured worst case scenario, I'd call the husband and have him come pick me up mid-course. Luckily, the warm up miles seemed to kick out whatever was ailing me - by the time I got to the start of the race, I felt great! 
This was sort of a new race for me (I did the 5k last year) and I loved the course. It was fun to run through my hometown, there were more downhills than uphills, and lots of well-run water stops. The weather cooperated, too. Sunny, no wind, cool temps....heavenly! 
The husband met me at the finish after doing his own run this morning. It's always so nice to see his smiling face in the crowd! He took a couple of pictures for the ol' blog.  He knows me well.  Then to cap the day off, he grilled up some surf & turf for dinner. Tenderloin and king crab legs. Did I mention he rocks?  Yeah, he totally does.

So there you have it. I'm all ketched-up now! Better late than never! 

You know what's strange?  The fact that I RAN THREE MILES TO THE START OF MY HALF MARATHON. I know "real" runners do that kind of thing all the time, but I guess I don't classify myself as a real runner.  And I know I've run longer distances, and that I've tacked on miles AFTER a race to meet the mileage on my training plan, but still, I ran, RAN, to the start of a half marathon.  

Is it just me or is that batshit-crazy-sounding??  (But in a good way!)


  1. Um whoa, you did have a Ton to catch up on. And absolutely yes, running three miles to the start of a half marathon (!!) makes you a super legit runner. And I love that your hubs races with you sometimes.

  2. No batshit crazy. It's just what we do. I'd much prefer to run to the start than to get in the car (and subsequently have to peel my sweaty self OUT of the car) post race.

    You are rocking it! Can't wait for October!


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