Sunday, July 22, 2012

grandma's post race

Good grief, how far behind can a blogger be??  Answer: REALLY far behind.  <sigh>  Anywhoo, back to the marathon that happened over a month ago.....

So the husband may not have enjoyed the ol' marathon experience as much as I did. 

I *think* he enjoyed it but maybe that's just my delusion.  He signed up for it totally of his own volition so I don't feel any responsibility at all about that.  But allow me to enter into evidence the after-Grandma's Facebook post discrepancies..... 

My post-Grandma's post:
Almost to the point of gushing, right?  

Here is what the husband posted after finishing the marathon:

And the next day:

He's pretty funny.

I've asked him to do a little write-up about his perception of the whole marathon experience.  Watch for a guest post coming soon!

After our post-race nap, we were ready for a huge meal. Our dinner at the Preswick did not disappoint, it was fantastic.  And our waitress (who was guilty of both providing poor service AND oversharing her hatred of blood and running) was unintentionally hilarious. I think our prominently displayed MARATHON FINISHER medals provided inspiration for her comments - every time she came to our table it was always, "Oh, and another reason I never want to run is...." Blood and running seemed to go hand in hand to her, as well.  She was actually quite entertaining.  We loved it!

Post-race and post-nap:
Ready to head out and eat our weight in good food.
It was a good time all around.  Well, perhaps with the exception of the drive home.  Tons of traffic made worse by the construction zones. A huge highlight though, was getting to drive down the street in North Branch RIGHT BEFORE the start of the MidSummer Days parade.  For realzies!  We were mere minutes ahead of the parade and the streets were lined with people. So I did the only logical thing - I practiced my parade wave (elbow, elbow, wrist-wrist-wrist).  Good times indeed!

Oh, and remember the creepy balloon pictures from Grandma's when we were waiting for the race to start??  Well, when we went to visit the in-laws over the 4th of July, I found this picture of the husband walking to school when he was maybe 7 years old.......
He's never said anything but I wonder if he sees dead people.  Or maybe just marathoners lubing up pre -race.... that would be even scarier.

Hope y'all are having a good summer! 


  1. Your husband is hilarious! So that makes you two a good match. I can barely get a foot rub out of my husband, much less running a whole marathon with me. Seriously, you guys are shooting through the coolness roof right now. And I love unintentionally funny people. We get A LOT of that in Alabama. Thank you for reminding me why I should appreciate my home state more.

  2. lol you guys are funny!!!! and congrats on the marathon! what an awesome experience to be able to do together :)


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