Sunday, November 6, 2011

better late than never

I figured I should post my Muscle Milk Woodsy race report - the race was September 17.  Just a few weeks ago, right?  My tardiness is not a reflection on the race - I loved all five hilly miles! - it's more of a reflection on my laziness.

This was one hilly-ass course.
Anywhoo..... this was my first real experience with trail running.  (After running this baby, that 8k trail run I did in May on the gentle rolling hills of Lake Elmo Park Reserve was nothing!) The husband and I ran it and let me tell you, this course was TOUGH, even the "experienced" trail runners were bitching about it.  Lots of steep inclines and declines, loose rocks & sticks..... it could have been treacherous but being such a slow runner kept the balance in my favor.  I totally loved the toughness of this course.  Who knew I was such a fan of hills?  I have to say, I was really digging the challenge.   It wasn't easy, but when I was done, I felt like I'd really DONE something, you know?

Running with the husband.  There was a camera on the trail,
(a wildlife-type camera!). Being the focused athletes
that we are,  we never even saw it.
There were two distance options - 5 miles and 9 miles.  I'm glad we chose the 5 mile race.  I think 9 miles on those hills would have been too much.  (Remember, I was only running a bit due to my wonky ankle.  I probably shouldn't have run this race but.... oh well.).

One of the coolest parts of the race was the group of Marines running with full rucksacks (30-50 pounds) who did the full nine miles. We passed a few of them at the end of the first mile - one of the guys was really struggling - two of his teammates were with him and one of the guys was asking him if he wanted to quit or give up his pack to someone else in the groups.  He yelled out, "No, sir!!" and the other guy said, "Then get moving up this hill!"  The rest of the group must have waited for him because they finished as a team, lead by two flag bearers.  It was really cool to see.

I am a member of the coveted Woodsy Pack because I was
one of the first 100 people to sign up for the race.  That
meant I got even more free shit.  Score!!
Oh, and there was free stuff!  You know how I love my freebies!  I got some Wigwam socks that are really comfy, and the race swag was pretty sweet, too.  And, the FOOD.  Best post-race food I've ever had.  Big sandwiches, fresh fruit, huge cookies, and BEER!  I had my first ever post-race beer (first ever AT the race, anyway).  It was delicious!

So that's about it.  If they hold this race again next year, I'm definitely signing up.  And I'm going to do the full nine miles next time.  Gotta test myself and see if I have the cojones to handle it.

Do you have any cojones-testing plans in your future?  Let's hear 'em! (The plans, not the cojones.)


  1. Those hills would've killed me. I complained about the hills (read gradual small incline) at the Bunny Dash. C'mon...with a name like Bunny Dash you know it couldn't have been that bad. I just train on really flat trails. I should add some hills in somewhere. But I hate hills. You are truly amazing to, not only run such a race, but to actually *enjoy* it! (And by amazing I mean just a little crazy in the head.)

  2. Kelly, I'm laughing about your Bunny Dash comment! Those hills really were tough but dang, it was a good time! The husband didn't enjoy it as much I don't think, but he's not a fan of hills either. (read: he's not as crazy (stupid? masochistic? ) as I am!

  3. Nora - you're sort of busy doing the Women Rock right now, but your fb post about doing the Women Rock race reminded me that I wanted to sign up for the Woodsy - that location is my "home" running trail - I run or bike there every week and you are right - the hills are notorious in the western metro. I did a 5 nmile trail run there last year that almost killed me. Have talked a friend into doing the 9 mile one this year - (so she says - she hasn't registered yet) Wish I would have singed up sooner to get more swag - forgot about that part. Let me know if you plan to do it this year - would be great to see you!!!!

    1. Hey Kris! Yes, I'm doing the full 9 miles this year and hoping the hills don't kill me AND that I don't hurt myself before Chicago. Let's meet for a beer afterwards! Of course, you'll have to wait around for me to finish....


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