Monday, May 7, 2012

heading to grandma's - week 11

Good God, I'm behind on my blogging.  <Insert humorous/pithy/fascinating excuse as to why I'm such a crappy blogger here.>  My training suffered, too.  I had two incredibly busy work weeks that really messed with my energy level/drive to run after getting home from work.  I did what I could.

Week 11:  April 23-29

Easy Run As Follows:
Warm up brisk walking 5-10 min
Easy run of 3 miles at 11:15 min
Cool down with brisk walk of 5-10 min
workout note: nice three with Jane, 10:40 pace

Interval Run As Follows:
Warm up with 1 mile at 11:30 pace
Mile repeats!  WOOT!  3 x 1 mile at 9:10-9:20 min pace.  Recover ½ mile at 11:45 min pace.
Cool down with brisk walk 5-10 min
Workout note: Nothing

workout note: zip

3 Miles Easy Run as Follows
WU w/ 5-10 minutes of brisk walking
Run 3 miles at 11:15 pace.
Cool down with 5-10 min brisk walk.
workout note: 3.41 miles, 11:09 pace

workout note: nada

Long Run as Follows:
WU for 1 mile at 12:30 pace
Run 13.1 miles – race pace – 10:20 or better.  Cool down (HA!) with an additional 5 miles at recovery pace of 11:45-12:30.  Get those miles in!!!
Cool down with brisk walk for 5-10 minutes
workout note: I did my race, got a course PR, (read about it HERE) in the rain, people, in the pouring rain, AND I did my additional 5 miles on the treadmill. I am a badass honeybadger.

workout note: walking 3.45 miles

So yeah, not my most stellar week, but what the hell.  The following week is worse (as I knew it would be due to my work schedule.)
And it's a BIG butt....  (Oh wait, we're not talking about MY butt here, right?  "But" =  a coordinating conjunction.... I digress.....)
ANYwhoo -
Spoiler alert!!!  I have a KICK ASS weekend of racing coming up!!  I can hardly wait for my next post!!

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  1. Looks like you're doing well! Very excited to hear about all your upcoming kickass races. :-)


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