Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am a big fat hairy liar

All my fancy talk about moving workouts around so I can fit it all in, blah, blah, blah.......turns out I'm full of crap.  "Fitting it all in" has proven to be an elusive concept for me.

I wasn't able to get my 6 miler in until today and when I finally did, it was UGLY.  I was feeling pretty good about myself because I managed a couple of 3 milers (the last one was 3.1 miles, at 10:15 pace -- NOTE: this is a faster pace than TenacityChris asked for in my last 5K race AND I had negative splits -- all without trying!!)  Yeah, I know I shouldn't brag, and let's be honest here, it's not like I'm burning up the road with my excessive speed, but damn, I'm feeling good about things!!

Or, at least I was until today..... Having two plus feet of snow melting has made for some pretty moist footing; when I decided where I was going to run today I chose poorly.....I was running along a bike path and noticed a huge puddle so I thought I'd give it a wide berth and run in the snow.....another bad choice, the puddle extended under the snow too, and turns out it was ankle deep.  I found that out when I nailed it with both feet.  And that was before I finished the first mile.  I kept going in my squishy shoes even though a good portion of the bike path wasn't plowed - I tried to run in the snow but it was next to impossible.  All in all, I did about a mile and a half of essentially walking because I was going so slow....the legs got a pretty good workout though!

I was feeling pretty miserable with my wet feet and slow motion running; after 4 miles outside I decided I'd had enough and would finish indoors on the treadmill.  And I did,  so I'm giving myself points for persevering.  Not only did I do those last two damn miles on the treadmill but when I was done with that my legs were cramping up horribly so I thought, "Hey, maybe an ice bath would help."  And so I took an ice bath.  Without the potential of winning a prize or anything.  WTF????  This is not something normal people do. I've said it before: I think aliens have taken over my body.

Anywhoo.... while I'm able to fit the shorter workouts in, I still haven't figured out how to get ALL my training in along with all the other things I have going on in my life, so if anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.

But dang, I'm proud of myself for getting all six miles done.  It wasn't easy, and it wasn't fun, but I did it!


  1. Talk about Sucking it Up Buttercup! You are most definitely NOT a delicate flower! Slogging through slush, with cold wet feet, then finishing the run AND taking an ice bath with nothing other than the intrinsic reward of "it's good for you" ... WOWSA!!! Great work! You continue to amaze and inspire me! I thought of you today during my run and worked hard to avoid puddles, slush, and ... yes, I'm admitting this ... I was too cold when I got home so I opted for the hot shower instead of the ice bath (yes, you can call me Buttercup now!)

  2. Anyone who runs 20 miles outdoors in this weather is most definitely NOT a buttercup - talk about amazing!


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