Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am a prizewinner!

I almost forgot to share my awesome award for being a brave ice bath taker!
My conjones-worthy prize basket!

TenacityChris challenged the marathon training group to take an ice bath (I don't think any of us were very willing to try it) but since she wrote it into my training plan I figured it was time to find some cojones and get waaaaayyyyyy out of my comfort zone.  So I did, and sadly, despite the unexpected and very real PAIN I experienced, it proved to be rather anticlimactic and not at all the uber drama-rific activity I thought it would be.  But utterly worthy of a wonderful prize package put together by TenacityChris.  She is the bomb and covered everything pre- and post-workout, with a little something tasty thrown in just for fun.  I have to say, my favorite was the home made orange zest/cranberry/blueberry bread.  The bread was almost cake like and for a carb whore like me it was a little slice of absolute heaven! And it even had some good carbs in it!

On another note, my quality time with darling daughter has been extended...... one of the two flights for our journey home has been delayed so late that we can't fly the second leg home until tomorrow.  So we are heading out of beautiful Burlington, VT and going to Philadelphia where we will continue the adventure.  If the force is with us, we will fly home tomorrow morning.  So, a little more together time.  I'm not opposed to that!  Now, if I could just get rid or this god-awful cough of mine I'd be golden.  And dang, I'm really looking forward to going for a run soon!

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