Tuesday, February 1, 2011

up close and personal

Physical therapists really should come with a warning, something along the lines of "Personal space invader" or "You will be in a PT sandwich between my student and me so please show up clean."  A heads up would be helpful.

So we had those inches of snow last night as promised.  Early this morning the plow came by and effectively blocked the driveway with about 2.5 feet of hard-packed snow - not a job for a wussy shovel.  Darling daughter and I both had to be out of the house by 6:45 a.m. and the husband was still in bed.  Big girl that I am, I got out the snowblower and cleared that puppy! Finished just in time to jump in the car and head to my 7:00 a.m. PT visit.  I am woman, y'all!
What I did NOT smell like
at PT this morning

Of course there was no time for a shower between clearing snow and jumping in the car.  Got my teeth brushed though, which is a big plus.  On the way to PT, I realized that I smelled like the snowblower - I have no idea about the chemical composition - Gas?  Oil?  Sweat?  At any rate, I stunk.  And today would be the day that it was a "hands on" visit as two, yes TWO people - one fore and one aft - had me in the above mentioned PT sandwich while they pushed and smushed my body into submission.  I'm sure they both felt they needed to bathe when they were done with me, or at least wash their hands.  Blech.

The good news is that my hard work is paying off - I'm continuing to improve - slowly getting stronger and more flexible.  Rock on, Nora!

Still have to get my 3 miles in today.  Quality time with the treadmill coming up......

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