Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sometimes I amaze myself

in a positive way: I really must be getting stronger.
in a negative way: I really think my mind is going.

Yesterday, I had two workouts on the calendar: a 6 mile run and kettlebell class.  But I also work full-time and my employers have this expectation that in exchange for a paycheck, I will do quality work and meet deadlines, etc.  Because of this little idiosyncrasy of theirs,  I knew I couldn't manage a 6 mile run and kettlebell class AND finish what I need to finish for work.  How to manage it all????  How about I flip-flop Tuesday's 3 mile tempo run for Monday's 6 miler?  The extra 30 minutes will enable me to satisfy both work and workout needs.  TaDa!!

Long story short - the tempo run was not as hard as I thought it would be (quel surprise!!) and I was just wrapping it up when I realized I had remembered the time of kettlebell class wrong - it was at 5:30 not 6:00.  D'oh!!  I swear I am losing my mind.  I had JUST registered for the class so I knew what time it was at......and yet somehow 5:30 became 6:00 in my addled brain.

I believe the technical term for what I experienced is "brain fart."

Anywhoo, so I jumped off the treadmill (tempo run FINISHED!!) ate two quick but huge bites of cottage cheese (chock full of carbs AND protein!) jumped in the car and was off to class.  Showed up 10 minutes late.  D'oh!!x2   Got down to business and when all was said and done, I was able to get in 3 rounds at each station..... I think the class ran a little long.....lucky for me!  So I got two tough workouts done - back to back no less! - in one day.  I'm getting strong like bull!  

Any brain-trainers out there?
The body may be getting strong but the mind is not firing on all synapses.  Clearly.  So here's my thought: just like my marathon training plan is making my body strong like bull, I need a workout plan to make my brain strong like.........something with really awesome brain power.  Is it possible to exercise the brain using similar tactics as in a physical workout plan - you know,  cardio, strength, core?  Can you get the brain to do figurative heavy lifting?  Using games like Sudoku and Boggle, maybe? Jigsaw puzzles??  Oh, and I'm thinking the plan should probably incorporate nutritional aspects, too.   Are there foods that can help reduce brain farts? Fiber for the brain, as it were....  Or supplements?? Whatever it takes......I'm sure there's a multi-level, comprehensive, all-inclusive (feel free to insert additional descriptors here)  plan I can follow.  But no cranial ice baths, please.  There are limits.  Really.

Off to do my 6 miler.  Outside!

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