Monday, February 7, 2011

the gauntlet has been thrown AND a lesson in cause and effect

I was going to name this post "desperately seeking cojones" but then I thought that might send the wrong message.  Anyway, my fearless coach, TenacityChris, has issued a challenge to the marathon group: first person to take a picture of themselves in an ice bath (with actual ice cubes clearly visible) will win a prize.  I made certain she is aware of my intense fear of ice baths, hell, of being cold in general, and yet she remains unmoved.

I have no idea what the prize is but damn, I am a sucker for free stuff!  She upped the challenge to me via my training plan - I have a race next Saturday so wouldn't that be a great opportunity to try an ice bath?  Ummmm, you mean after I finish running my race? Outdoors - in February - in Minnesota??  <cue the whining> Yeah, well, now I'm thinking I may just have to take her up on that.  You know, show some intestinal fortitude, some mental toughness, some chutzpah, whatever........  I have almost a whole week to find the cojones to do it; there must be some around here someplace.  And you can bet that if I do somehow manage to find said cojones, there will be photographic evidence.  (Of the ice bath.  The cojones will be figurative and thus not included in the photo.)  I may soon be a prize winner - stay tuned!

Cause and Effect
sometimes I need to be hit with one
of these before I really "get" a concept
So, remember my food diary demonstrating the undeniable proof that I am a carb whore?  Last Friday evening I went to kettlebell/TRX circuit class after a typical day of eating.  The only difference was that I knew that my diet that day was made up of 71% carbs; simple or complex I have no idea.  All I know is that midway through the class I started to feel my blood sugar plummeting.....had a peppermint candy from Chris's stash and was able to finish the class.  So I mentioned to Chris that, gee, I noticed the carb percentage in my diet today <hahaha sheepish laugh hahaha> and she just said, "Girl, we have GOT to talk!"

The concept has now become reality.  I now understand first-hand why I often feel the way I do upon exertion.  <Everyone say it with me: "DUH!">  OK, so I'm not the sharpest knife, the brightest bulb, etc., but I am slowly getting the clue about diet.  Maybe it's NOT that I am a delicate flower, maybe I just ain't fueling the machine the right way!  Went home on Friday and had a favorite meal again: cod, rye berry salad and kale salad.  So delish......

Since I wasn't interested in bonking on my 5 mile run on Saturday, I made sure my breakfast was more protein than carbs; felt great the whole time!  Fast forward to today: Had me a heaping helping of protein before kettlebell class and voila, I didn't see stars or get that old LBS (low blood sugar) feelin' today either.  See???  I CAN be taught.  Huzzah!!

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